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Lookin for help from the pros! (Or just you...)

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Hey guys!

Fist post here so bear with me...(is bear correct there??)

I have been lurking here since before Christmas because I recently discovered sound was important to me and my music listening...who knew right?

It all started when my old trustees of like 6 years were spreading black flakes over everything. I tossed them with out a second thought. I then bought a $25 pair of Senns. I was disgusted by the step backwards in sound quality.

So the search began. I entered the endless depths of audio and all it's variables...and I was overwhelmed. Exasperated, I bought the best rated headphones in my price range on amazon. These were the famed Sony MDR 7506's.

Now, I must say, I was intrigued by the clarity and detail that I had never really heard before. (Notice I said "intrigued". I neither loved nor hated the sound) but I quickly returned them as they were much to "studio" and "professional" in there feel and fit. (Not sound as I spent to little time with them to form a solid opinion).

At the moment I possess a pair of Sony MDR x10's as I got a great price on them. ($75 usd brand new).

My goal here is to have you wonderful people help me decide on a pair of headphones to buy in contrast to these sony's. I am looking to discover what appeals to me as far as sound signature. I know the x10 have muchos bass. It doesn't bother me, but I have a feeling I'm sacrificing detail and separation. Don't know much about sound terminology so I'll just tell you what (and how) I listen to music.

I listen to pretty much anything from hip hop to classical. I'm as likely to throw on Eminem as I am some Randy Newman (Bad Love anyone?) although hip hop is home base for me, I don't listen to it for the thump of the bass. I listen for lyrics and melody first and foremost (would that be mids?)

I definitely want something somewhat portable (or transportable). Meaning no amp, although one down the line is always a possibility. This is something the x10 excels at. It's full size (which I love) but still easy to move around with and isn't a studio phone. Something well rounded that can perform well with all genres is ideal but I love a little funk as well.

I'm looking at a budget of around a $100 usd. That can stretch a little, but let's not get crazy here people.

Let the battle begin...thanks in advance!
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Sennheiser HD419 or HD429. 


That should give a bit 'more' of everything apart from bass. 

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Thanks for your response!

I took a look at those and also looked at the 380 pro (used). Any thoughts on those?

I also found a good deal on the Logitech UE 6000. I've heard some good things about these but I feel like they may have a similar sound signature to what I have now.

Anyone else want to weigh in? Thanks again.
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The second generation Creative Aurvana Live. (slightly outside of your budget)
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