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Oops.  I forgot to post here this morning, and say thanks for posting this.  It's been added to the ticket.

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Moto X, same ad:
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Thanks, @jazzman7.  I'll add that one to the ticket.

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I got this same pop up to stop, so far, by clearing the cache in both of my mobile browsers, did not work when I only cleared Chrome, had to clear the native browser too.
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I'll note that in the ticket, @blubliss.  Thanks for the information!

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Must have done something right. I haven't had pop adds in a few days. Thanks Joe!
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Glad to hear it, @DannyBai!

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I realize it's been awhile but this keeps popping up.,0,0,0,375,0,0,0,375,559&vis=1&abl=CS&ppjl=u&srr=1&fu=0&bc=1&ifi=1&xpc=Kk2lyBgDef&p=
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I should say mine was a redirect from my iPhone also. 

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Thanks, guys. We'll start looking into this tomorrow.


I browse a lot on iOS, but haven't seen this yet.


Still, though, if someone here is seeing it, we'll definitely look into it asap.

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Thanks Jude.  

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