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For Sale:
[Interest Check] Audio Technica CKM 55 TE Mod by Ocharaku *Light green Ver.*

Will Ship To: Anywhere

2 months of ownership, barely used, got it from Headfonia store..
all you will get is just in the picture (yeah, i know, ocharaku is pretty mean for not giving the extender cable, but oh well)
smoke free, pet free home, 

i don't know how much it will sell, but i know that you guys know that it is very limited even in japan itself.

you can get further impression at:


this is your chance to get this rare item, as it is only 5 pairs available in Indonesia ( courtesy of mike from headfonia again, he bought all of these things for us) and i don't even know how many people own these things overseas.

shoot me an offer.

paypal only, and buyer will pay for shipping and fees.

right now there's a good friend of mine who's currently borrowing my ocha, and if he ends up buying it, then i'll sell it to him. because i don't wanna be a ..false hoper or something like that, please mind this when you're sending me a message.

thank you very much!

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