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STAX headphone amp problem.

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Hi. I recently purchased a STAX SR 3030 system and I have noticed something strange. I have purchased this same amplifier in the past as well as a 323a and 323s. When I turn the left channel knob, I usually feel grinding and I'm pretty certain that it is uneven. Is this common with STAX amplifiers? Everyone I've owned was in near mind condition, and still I had this same problem.


Also, I purchased this 3030 system not knowing that is was the 100v. model. I live in the Chicago area. Is it important that I get a step down transformer? If so, why and could someone link me to one? Not sure how they work.

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If it was me I would just try plugging it into 120 it is not that much different.

But here is a link to a transformer I would get the 300 watt even though the 100 watt would probably be enough



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They don't sell that one.


Your answer wasn't very clear. Do I need a step up transformer? Will it harm the am if I don't use one? Also which side would I plug the amp into?

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That transformer steps up or down so you would plug it into the 100volt side.

How did you get this amp buy it from somebody in Japan.

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Yes I bought it from yahoo auctions japan.


Can I use the amplifier without the transformer for right now, or will it cause damage? It sounds fine as it is. I just hope it's not shortening the life.

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It probably will be alright running on 120 volt power

not really that far off.

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Get a 120V to 100V step down transformer to ensure you aren't running any part of the amplifier close to its voltage limits. They aren't expensive.

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I agree with John, better to feed that amp the proper voltage.


You may also want to do some checking, but should be able to change some internals on that amp to run it natively on 120V.

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Here is another transformer on E-Bay

Easy to use a input switch 117 or 100 and it has a output for 117 and 100



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Thanks guys.

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Oh, about the grinding. Is that common with the amps?

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