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Wanted: Wanted! Dynamat!

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Wanted! Dynamat!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

hello all, i was hoping to get a few small pieces of dynamat to mod a few pairs of grado's (six nickel-sized pieces or so). i dont need much, as i am sure you aware! but if anyone is able to drop some in an envelope for a few paypal bucks i would appreciate it. in live in san diego, CA, thanks in advance!! Trey

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Hi. This stuff here is very similar to dynamat, and they have sample kits that have just enough material for little headphone modding projects   $0.99 each, shipping should be free in the US.  I bought a couple to use in modding a fostex T50rp.

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sweeet! thanks so much for the link. which mat thickness did you use? cant beat 99 cents shipped!!

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One square wasn't enough material for me, so I ended up using pretty much all of it. I think the 70mm butyl stuff is most similar to actual dynamat, so if you only need that much material, I'd just use that.

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a very cool member sent me a bunch free of charge. this place rocks! i will be offering up the extra for the low price of "free" when finished!

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