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For Sale:
AKG Quincy Jones Q701 Headphones... SOLD

Will Ship To: USA and Canada

••SOLD••  Up for sale are my newly purchased AKG Quincy Jones Q701 Headphones. They are better than new because they are spotless... just like new... but broken in. I have just over 300 hundred hours of good variety of music on these outstanding cans. These cans need a lot of time to really open up... and now they are ready to be listened to.


I bought them to compare to my Hifiman HE-500's, and it was close in some respects... such as open and detailed mids. They do add a little extra flair to the bass and upper mids/lower highs. So, they are not as neutral as the HE-500's, but they make darn good sound. And, absolutely in one way, they have it over the 500's... they are very light on the head and comfortable.


At my price... $160... I will pay the shipping in the continental USA and also the PayPal fees. And you don't have to tell PayPal you are sending a gift. Check my feedback here and on Audiogon... 100% positive.


I have the original box, as you can see in the pics, and also both cables... 3m and 6m green 99.99% pure copper. And there is a screw-on 1/4" adaptor also. Everything that AKG put with them are there.

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