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Westone W2 Muddy Bass?

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So I made a mistake a posted previously in the wrong place, so let me try again. I was at the gym this morning with my Iphone/E7 and noticed that the Bass was very muddy/distorted. Is this a problem with my W2's or is this something I should be expecting. Never noticed before, even with cheap Sony's I typically wear

Any help is appreciated
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So - the gym was the first time you have used these headphones? Or is this simply the first time you have heard the muddy/distorted bass?

Westone IEMs are low impedance and very efficient. Try them without your amp. You might be causing the amp to clip.
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I've used them before, will try without the amp. Just the first time I've noticed

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I have a pair, definitely wouldn't say muddy...if you're using foam tips try the silicone. 

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So I used the same W2's with my BSG CMoy, clear as a bell, has to be the amp

Any thoughts, it's an E7
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It can't be a matter of power per se - I have used the W2's (using the black foam tips) with just my Samsung Galaxy S and it worked fine - generally flat sound but full bodied and precise bass, if still slightly warmer and without the treble extension* of the SE425 on olive ear tips. Maybe the E7 is adding to the bass? If it has bass boost EQ, then that might have been switched on and you didn't notice.


BTW did you try all the eartips?







*which was intoxicating on female vocals but then again when I tried that, I used a Cowon S9 (although both this and the SGS use similar Wolfson chips)

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Are you using the headphone out on your iphone plugged into the line-in on your E7?

Try lowering the volume on the iphone and then adjusting volume on the E7.
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