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Originally Posted by twiz View Post


You are 100% correct. I meant sound card and not video card. In my build I do have the 780. I did have 2, but I decided to upgrade to a 1440p monitor, added more storage to both my SSDs and my storage disk. Figured I could always go back and add the 2nd when I can. 


Here's the link to my current build (has the K545s and E18 I purchased a month ago to see my total spend on my christmas gifts to myself haha) http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2Hzu8. The only thing I have to figure out still is what AC router I am going to get.


Nice build!


Here is a great article for some advice on AC routers! - http://www.pcworld.com/article/2082233/asus-rt-ac68u-review-the-best-router-on-the-market-priced-accordingly.html


The Netgear "Nighthawk" R7000 looks pretty solid.


I have the Netgear WNDR3700v4 N router with the latest DD-WRT on my current network with 25/6Mbps Internet service. With my semi-extensive QOS settings, we can download @ ~20-22Mbps, and I get no noticeable lag (1-5ms~ extra) while playing League of Legends or any other program/game that requires great ping time.

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Originally Posted by AladdinSane View Post

Those monitors are so tempting and I'm in the market. Can they be good? Sure beats the $600+ for the Dell monitor I've been eyeing for my graphics workstation.


One thing I'd be worried about is their dead pixel policy, as explained in the quoted ebay link: you can have 40 dead pixels and the monitor still won't be considered defective. With Dell a single dead pixel qualifies for a replacement.

It may or may not matter depending on the applications: for games and movie watching this may be OK. But if you work with CAD applications or high detail graphics then it's a different story.

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Yes. Thanks for the reminder. I noted Dell's policy and it is most reassuring. The other, not so much. Part of what you pay for I suppose.
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The problem with 2560x1440...spoils you for all your other monitors. Damn, this is nice. 


Amazon had the Dell U2713HM for $599. With price match and credits at Best Buy walked out for $519. The connection options alone on the Dell are worth that premium to me.


This is the first piece in the new workstation build. Saving money for killer box.

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I stand by the 200-240 dollar range GPU's as being best bang for buck. 
can't remember last game I had to change from Ultra settings. 

40-60 FPS minimum. 
Either GTX 760   $240  
or       GTX 660   $190
and I have triple 24" monitors. 

actually use onboard video to feed my 4th monitor 50" plasma 

I just got the gigabyte GA-z87x- hd3 mobo $129   DOES NOT HAVE OPTICAL OUTPUT. which I didn't know. (old board blew up needed new one next day and ordered via phone and missed that detail 

Doing over I might go for the upgrade gamer board 

GIGABYTE G1.Sniper Z5S $144

Dunno what'd you want to spend rest on. Sounds like you have decent headphones.
Love my Beyer DT 770 Pro's for closed, waiting on AKG k612 to show up via amazon. 
I suggest a desktop Mic. I have a Zalman that can clip to headphone wire which works well. (even if I have it sitting on desk aimed at me. ) Buddies say I sound good through teamspeak. 

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