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For Sale: Schiit PYST RCA Interconnects - Free shipping AUS

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For Sale:
Schiit PYST RCA Interconnects - Free shipping AUS

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Bought  from Addicted to audio, do not need them anymore. Hardly used at all.


Free insured shipping in Australia and pick up from Northern Sydney. PM me with shipping for overseas using


Also going is the matched amp for this: Little Dot I+ (link coming soon) with WE408A tubes and Burr Brown OPA which sounds amazing, it turns the highs electric and smooth with deeper bass and more detail than the stock setup.


I'm also selling:


Grado RS1i with Flats:

Yulong P18 Power Conditioner:

Lawton Audio LA5000 (modified denon MD5000):

Yulong D100 MKII DAC/AMP:
Burson HA160:
Little Dot I+ WE408A and Burr Brown OPA modded (great with the RS1i):
Krispy Audio LCD2/3 Cable 6FT:
DiMarzio Big Red Headphone Extension (10ft):

Music Fidelity V-PSUII:

Music Fidelity V-Link 192 USB SPDIF (

PS-Audio Figure 8 to USA Power cable:
D5000 original cups with Dynamat modified by Lawton Audio:
Van De Hul RCA Interconnects:
Schiit RCA PYST Interconnects:
Blue Jeans Purple Digital RCA Cable:

Monoprice XLR to RCA interconnects:

Wireworld Ultraviolet USB:

LCD2.2 Black Leather Pads:

1.8m Cryo Headphone Cable Unterminated 6.3mm:

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For Sale: $400 (AUD)
For Sale: $800 (AUD)
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