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I bought the Akg k550s a while ago (don't own a dac/amp) and have been a little underwhelmed by the experience as my first pair if 'decent' headphones as they didn't bring out anything in the music and I found the sound to be average, perhaps due to the lack of dac amp (though I didn't think it wud be necessary for such an low impedance set of cans to at least provide better sound than my £10 pair from tesco!) however I am now looking into purchasing the sennheiser hd 650s and would like advice on a good dac/amp combo would be willing to pay up to £250 but will stretch if you reckon it would be worth it, this is primarily for music and I love my modern rock but really a bit of everything I'm also open to suggestions if you don't think the hd 650s are for me? Thanks in advance for any input!