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Headphone mod

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Hello all. First time poster. Anyway I own a pair of headphones Sony MDR-V600 that I got over 10 years ago. I've since modded them here and there just for looks. It has a cable that is coiled. I'm looking to either make the headphone cord remove able so I can use any cable or just put in a flat cable. Could someone help me with the pros and cons of both and maybe what is involved in changing the cable? Thanks in advance.
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Having a detachable cable is a very nice thing to have. Do you know how to solder? It's a pretty simple mod to do, and it brings many pros. You can swap between short and long cables depending on where you're using the headphones, you can get rid of that nasty coiled cable, and it cleans up the look quite a bit in most cases. Here are a few detachable mods I've done to my current and previous headphones:










photo 2.png

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Thanks for the response Casper. That second to last pic is what I've decided I want to do. Now I have never soldered anything but I understand the concept and I expected to learn in order to do this project. I am just not sure what to solder. Also in the 8th pic down I see the fuzzy grey for the ear muffs? Did you do that? Can you buy replacement parts for the ear muffs? When I bought these headphones years ago it wasn't long before the earmuff part began deteriorating so I hack jobbed some fabric over it that works great but if there is stuff made it might be better. I'll try to post a pic of the headphones in question.
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I'm not able to post pics
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No, those are the stock DT880 Velour pads.


There are a black pair of the Beyerdynamic Velour pads here in our FS Forums: $20


I can't find any silver velours on the beyerdynamic website:

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How did you learn how to solder one of the headphone jacks into the headphones
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I just took my headphones apart and did it, I didn't really learn from anywhere.

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