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My ears hurt! (AKG Q701)

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I have 3 sets of nicer headphones- etymotic hf3 for my phone, and a AKG k240mk2 and Q701 amped with O2s running on computers.  I use an EQ to get them to sound all about the same.  I can listen to the etys for an entire day, the k240s until my ears get too sweaty, and the Qs for about 1.5 hours.  Something inside my ears starts to ache after a while, and i have to listen to the brilliant silence for a bit.  They wear me out when i have the volume turned pretty far down, and no matter what i do with the EQ  (although turning down faux subwoofer effect or 16k+ on the EQ helps).  What's causing this?  What can i do to fix it?  I love the presentation these cans offer; i can pick out each musician and follow along with them.  Fun!

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I also found the K(Q)701 very fatiguing.  


My K701's perished in a tragic recableing accident, and I never bothered to replace them.  I moved onto Sennheisers and have been very happy ever since.  I'll trade some resolution and soundstage for some satisfying bass and lack of fatigue any time. 

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