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New to forum and sound...

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i am new to all of this quality sound stuff.  i have a free $120 spend at plus i could put in a little extra.  what headphones should i get?  i like in ear headphones.


so far i am looking at the shure 425

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Love the account name;)


Here are a couple of links that should help you choose.


Good luck!

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thank you lol... thats typically my gaming name.... i just found the second link from another thread.... i will read on.  thank you for the links!

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well im still looking and having such a hard time deciding... the absolute most i would spend there is $300, but i would like to be around $200 for iem's.  


anyone else have some suggestions for iems at

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The only two under $300 that I can recommend are the Shure SE425 and the Yamaha EPH-100.
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thats a good start.  thanks!  now im thinking i will just buy something else from adorama and invest in some better headphones elsewhere for that price range.   at least if i dont get the 425's

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