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Okay, so I've started a few threads here and there...and I've decided it was best to post everything in one spot.

I'm in search of a new pair of headphones, closed preferrably. In the $100-200 dollar range. I listen to electronica, dubstep and some chill indie music at the computer. I'm also into gaming and some light video entertainment. Right now I own the Sennheiser HD555s, which have since cracked and become aged. Time to upgrade I think..nothing wrong with them, I'm just looking for something new and probably closed (I share an office with another person). I've gotten some good feedback from other threads/postings -- but I want to seek out further advice or recommendations here!

I'm also in search of a new pair of IEMs for my portable device, same music tastes...but in the price range of $50-100 dollars. I lay in bed with my current (low quality sony ear phones) and so resting up against a pillow is going to be common.

On a side note, my pc does not have an amplifier and I was considering either a new sound card (currently own an older xifi) -- or other options.

Any recommendations?

Note: Comfort, isolation and durability is a must.

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