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Maybe you can find the comparatiom here http://www.head-fi.org/t/667638/fischer-amps-fa-4-e-xb-new-4-ba-iem-from-germany

It seems not too many people have the new version would like to see some comparations too!
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I did a little bit of digging and discovered that I purchased this back in February. So, I don't know if it qualifies as being the latest version. My luck, I just missed the cut off by a month or two. However, I wish that I knew because if there is a newer version I am unfortunately going to have to buy it. I will try to offer some comparations on here between the headphones that I do have; m200, dn-1000, FAD IV heaven, pfe232, and Westome UM4.
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Add the comparations in the fa 4e thread and meet the other people smily_headphones1.gif

I don't know which version could be yours but February... Probably it's the old version
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I will check it out and update on here once I find the one I'm referring to.  I've read so much on here; a lot of times through my cell phone, but haven't done much posting, but it is nice to chat with people that have the same interests; my wife thinks I'm nuts.  

According to FA, what are the differences supposed to be?

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This is more or less what they told us smily_headphones1.gif

Kurdt-Bada's Feedback made me excited about the Sound, so I called Jochen Fischer.

And I asked him, what is going on with the Mid Section, is the "phone" sound vanished?

He said, many users told him, that the Mid Section maybe sounds a bit to harsh & could annoy.

So, he dropped the frequence between 1 - 2 KHZ about 3-4 db, so the Sound is now more neutral & the "Phone" sound is not existing anymore.

He said, he changed the Crossover, like Kurdt told, & fixed the Middle Driver, so the sound is now much better than the old one, cause the Mids are now exactly, how they should be, not to "phone" sounding, & more neutral & crisp.

Isn't that Nice?

Kurdt heared the Difference & you are right, it is changed!

Ive asked him, why he does not write that in the official page, he said: "It is not an huge improvement, only High fidelity ears will hear the difference in the Mid Section. The Harshness between 3-4 Khz he also fixed it & the Crossover between Mids & Highs is much more fluid, now it should sound everything how is supposed to be!

It was really easy for his Team to fix the Middle Driver & it made a noticeable difference, he told me.

So Guys, maybe you will make a comparison to your "old" FA-4's vs the "new" one?

I think the stage is also wider
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I believe the comparation was:



I was really looking intently at the ASG-2 or the FA4EXB's, but this review helped tip me to the Fischer's.  I still want to hear the ASG-2's, but i go back and read that and I'm reassured of my choice; not that it bashed the ASG-2's at all.  

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Yes! that's Moonyeol comparation hope he can grab a pair of the new version soon and add some words about it

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when I buy an FA-4E XB now (I mean in July 2015) will it be the new version already ? How can I spot the difference ?

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Yes you will get the new fa 4e version but not the rhapsody which is not released yet.
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Good to know, but it seems like the Rhapsody series will take a couple of months to be released I guess. Not even sure if it's really going to be "better" maybe

just "different" the FA-4E XB is almost perfect for my taste.

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