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sigur ros

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i don't know why its so difficult to listen to sigur ros as much as its ethereal and captivating there are times in the songs when things get really annoying when things go sharp and messy


what is the best setup to listen to this band, from headphones to portable amps or dac.


I have their flac isles in high quality


maybe the recording of their music is bad

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I thought the same thing the first time I listened to them too. I think it was Ágætis Byrjun I was listening to. But multiple listens tempered it out. When you say sharp and messy, are you referring to the sound quality of the recording or to the singer's voice or anything else in particular?

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I don't know if its the sound quality but in some songs they use some equipments that take you all of a sudden from a mellow feeling to really annoying feeling that you have to turn down the volume, I am not sure why they do this. or is it the recording quality which sucks to capture their sound correctly

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Sounds like you simply don't like the way it is recorded. I don't listen to them much but I did see them live once and that was really good. I'm gonna put some on now and see what I think :D.

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I only have one of their album (Takk), and I have no problem listening to it. Their ethereal type recording may not suit everyone's taste, but certainly not what I would describe as sibilant.

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I have never encountered problems in the quality of the recording either. Maybe, hykhleif, it's just these particular songs you don't like? 

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