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B&W P7 vs Beyerdynamic T70p vs Sennheiser Momentum (over-ear)

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Hello guys,


I am into buying a new headphones for me. It should be low impedance headphone, since their main use will be - accompanying me during my traveling in subway, bus, etc. But also listening at home.

The main device, I'll be using with them, is the ubiquitous iPhone.


I do not really need superb noise-cancelling, like the one, that Bose offers. I want the sound quality. 


Now. I own B&W C5, which I think, are not really worth of the premium price, in case of sound quality (I understand the attractive look), I had paid for them. And due to my small ears, I sometimes have fitting problems. And they are not really comfy for me, so I decided to go with over-ear headphones.


In terms of over-ear headphones I own, for like 6-7 years, Bose Quiet Comfort 2 headphones, they are good (the best) with noise-cancelling, but they lack sound quality and I also do not like the plastic feel of them. I was really surprised, when I had visited a shop with electronics, and tried out Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro, which to my senses, were sounding better than my Bose, at a nearly half of the price.


I do not have any chance to tryout the three mentioned headphones, I asked in few shops, to take them out of a box for me, but I was refused.


I tried out Momentums the on-ear variant, but I felt like, they were not really comfy, mainly on top of my head, the band. I do not know if the Momentums on-ear are built the same, if yes, I would not pick them.


Since I own MM-1 from B&W, which I really adore, my eyes spotted the P7 headphones, which were even mentioned on this site, by reviewer Lan647, who basically loves them. I really like the look, I do also believe in Lan647 subjective opinions about how they sound, but I am worried, that because of all the quality material, they will be quite heavy and not really comfy. The same thing as Momentums, I cannot try them out.


The headphones I know the least about are T70p, there are not many reviews or unboxing on YouTube, for example. Is here anyone, who could share some opinions about them? 


From the three I mentioned, the T70p are most likely the adept I would by, because even from pictures I see, that they will be really comfy, but on the other hand, I do not have any information about how they sound, how are the mids, lows, treble. And if they are really worth the money over the mentioned P7 and Momentums.


Could you please help me out with you opinions on any of these three headphones? 

With which would you go and why?



Thank You.

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If I may recommend something else, the V-MODA M-100 is my pick for best travel 'phones.

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I do not really like V-MODA's look.

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Originally Posted by teeejay View Post

I do not really like V-MODA's look.

To each their own, I can see how it wouldn't be able to stack up to the P7 in that department.

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Originally Posted by ThickGlasses View Post

To each their own, I can see how it wouldn't be able to stack up to the P7 in that department.

I had to google that idiome, my english is not that great. I learned something new. Thanks. ;)

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Personally I think the P7 is quite bulky for use as a portable although you may think otherwise. Momentums (Over Ear) would be sleeker for use as portable.

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I do not really care about the size of the headphones, if it is comfy and sounds well, then the size do not really matter at all, since wherever I go, I have my backpack with me. :)

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My suggestion is to go for the beyer t70p. I auditioned p7, momentum over-ear, and nad hp50. I was hooked on hp50 until I heard the t70p. P7 had to strong but loose bass, hp50 very good impression but it colored the middle frequencies so that a live violin sounded artificial to me. (I play the violin myself). Momentum was very bleak in my opinion. Sorry for the very short and somehow dogmatic statements here. They are only my opinion of course. The t70p on the other hand has a beautiful resolution, lots of air or should I say ease in the audio reproduction. They are easily driven with 32 Ohm impedance. Make sure that your amp has low impedance output like. 4 ohm or less. I enjoy thes cans a lot!
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I auditioned the P7, Momentum (around-ear), and Bang & Olufsen H6.  Sound-quality wise, I would rank them Momentum > H6 > P7.  Comfort-wise, H6 > P7 > Momentum.  The P7s certainly looked luxurious, but the leather pads were actually pretty stiff.  The Momentum and H6 have ridiculously soft and plush leather pads, but the H6 actually goes around the ear whereas the Momentum sits on part of it.


The P7 had a high-quality sound to it, but definitely exaggerated bass, especially when compared to the other two pairs.  I thought the Momentum and H6 both sounded exquisitely clean and detailed, but the Momentum had more bass presence.  Had comfort been equal in both sets, I probably would have gone with the Momentum.  As it is, I went for the H6 and stand by that decision given what I was looking at.


The only thing I'd point out about the H6 on the negative side is that I noticed I had to give them more volume to get listening levels I was used to, both through my phone and laptop.  I never ran into a case where they weren't loud enough.


These were all on-hand at a local Best Buy Magnolia center, and at least the P7 and H6 were also at an Apple Store.  Highly recommend you make it to one of those places to audition them in-person if that's at all possible.

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