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 Although the XPT100s/HM5s are closed, their soundstages are great. Just wanted to clear that up. As far as sound goes, indie will sound great but electronic will not.


Why? I have no idea what kind of sound profile I'm looking for for electronic like kravinsky, daft punk, justice, the knife. Electronic is listened to more then indie though (what makes indie sound good?).


I'm sure the soundstage on the HM5 is great, but unless you can assure me that they are better then the SR850/EVO/Superluxes, it doesn't really do me any good. Is it great compared to a grado? I mean what does that even mean? Is it great as in 'yea this is cool' or great as in 'this is #1 compared to it's peers'. Because the former is useless.


 The cups of the Superlux were too small and heavy for my ears. I've never tried the SR850s.


Hm, that's helpful. Were they comfortable? And compared to what? My gf has a small head so that sounds okay if the superlux 681evo (i assume you are talking about the Evo, please be clear when talking about the Superluxes because there are like 15 different Superlux, and about 4 different 681s!).


The SR850 is a clone of the 668B, some would say it's slightly more comfortable due to the design of the headband (which can be 'fixed' on the 668B anyways to be solid design like the SR850). 


I think I'm going to be buying the EVO based on it being supposedly more comfortable then the SR850/668B. It should have a v-shape sound profile that should be 'funner' for us newbs too. 


I'm still leaning towards 558 for myself. 

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Purchased the 681 EVO. Will update.


So now for the sub-150 headphones. I see that the DT990 is an open, sub $200 headphone that sometimes dips under $150, so that could be a serious contender vs the 558. However, I see there are a bunch of variations, which is a bit confusing. I'd be using it solely on my Z87X-UD3H ALC898 with a DRV632 TI 600 ohm headphone amp, so I dunno how that affects the whole ohms thing. The 250 Ohm Pro seems to be the cheapest at $125+!


But I'm guessing the 250 ohm pro is bad or something...

edit: yea seems 558 is more comfortable, more balanced, less fatiguing/shrill highs.

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Okay, went to Guitar Center and Best Buy to try some headphones out...

Sony 10rnc - seemed to be great headphones, good bass. They had a 2nd set with a ton of wear where the earpads got super stiff and nasty though.

AKG240 - these looked just like the sr850/superluxes, it'd be helpful to know which exact superlux model is based off it, they sounded great, the most comfortable headphones I tried by far too (they are built like the sr850 instead of 668b, ie solid headband). Really made Lorde's 'alone in the world' (or w/e its called) really pop, a song I've never looked twice at.

Shure S240a - did a really side by side vs the akg240. First, it had way shriller highs, I could see it being fatiguing. I couldnt quite tell which had a better sound profile, or how they exactly were different, but the impedence difference was noticeable as these were louder off my droid 4 at the same volume (I'll be using off a desktop alc898 +drv632 600ohm so no matter). The akg240 seemed more well rounded in comparison. These kinda... suck.

I could tell they had less stage than the akg's being closed though, i wouldnt say more bass but, bass was different. more impact, maybe.

Beats by dre, the full cover ones (studio, it says 'beats by dre' and isnt noise cancelling). Wow, these sucked balls. So bad. Bass was cranked too stupid, I like bass but it was overwhelming. Then, the highs were really bad. Im not sure I'd say it was shrill, but like it had that muffling/rumbling, you know, when you crank the volume too high on airplane headphones or crappy laptop speakers. I was really shocked at how awful these were. Just total lack of definition. Played it on a few Ratatat/rap collabs, just sounded ridiculous more than fitting. Oh and they were really uncomfortable, the inside of the pad is just hard plastic that grinds against your hear.

Monsters DNA $299 headphones - Lots of detail, definitely better then cheaper phones.

There were a couple other phones I tried, nothing noteworthy, I couldnt really tell things like 'warm' or soundstage or dark that much, but I could see some headphones had more detail, or more shrill, or more bass. Comfort was obvious. Man lots of crappy headphones at bestbuy. It was all trendy garbage. They had some sennheiser.. 438s, i think. Were comfortable, couldnt really recall much on them.

I wonder how the SR850/668B/EVO/superlux compare directly to the 558s, because if they arent signifncantly better in sound quality, stage, and comfort, I might just get the evos again (of course, waiting to get them first).

For testing I primarily listened to Kavinsky's Nightcall (song at start of Drive).
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681 EVO's came in. I can compare them to my logitech usb headset  that literally hurts when you wear it more then 5 minutes. 


Seems to have good bass, I don't think i recall as much bass on the headphones at the store. They're quit comfy, I haven't switched to the pleather pads yet but just want to get a feel for the pleather before going to the velour (its not very breathable but i imagine that'll be fixed with the stock velours). I haven't heard any shrillness to them either. There seems to be a lot of impact to them.


They dont seem any more comfortable than the AKG k240 I tried out, which isn't necessarily a bad thing as they were the most comfy that I recall. That part that touches your head (a head band and the pleather pads) are the same on the evo as the k240.


I ran this video, to get an idea of stage:



The logitechs had a bit of up and down but it was a lot more immersive in the 681 evos. 


When put into a laptop's sound, the max volume isn't too loud (just a tad below what'd be a rich, high volume), but in my desktop half loudness is way more then enough. 


Been listening to some kavinsky off them, nightcall, odd look, so far. Off youtube. 

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Throwing you a bit of a curve here and may be wildly criticized for it. It doesn't get more comfortable than this. The Bose AE2 is so lightweight and it's reasonably stylish for an office setting. This is the absolute best price I have ever seen them go for - $99. Also, the AE2 is the most balanced of the Bose lineup. It doesn't have the normal emphasized bass/treble that is present in quite a few Bose headphones. I can wear mine for hours and forget that I have them on. My only knock on them is the cable is a bit lengthy (which I mitigated by braiding) and they aren't the most efficient can out there but they can still be easily driven by an iPhone. Amazon has an easy return policy and Bose customer service is excellent if you have any problem outside of the return window. 


Like I said, it goes against the grain of most of the advice you will get here. Bose headphones do not deserve the instant bashing that occurs because of their name.

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I actually had a chance to try out the bose ae2, i'll go back there though with my superluxes 681 evo that I have now and do an A/B. Comfort is pretty important to me and I have actually heard of the AE2's being super comfortable despite their poorer sound. Are they significantly more comfortable than 558s, or anything else in the price range?


These Evos, they get a bit fatiguing after about 2 hours. I'm not sure why, could be the pleather i still haven't swapped for the better velour it comes with, it could be clamping force that'll ease up in time. 

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My 558s came in. They seem great, more comfortable than evo so that is nice. There seems to be some weird lump in the inside though, that i think touches my ear, or i have to adjust the phones in a way to not touch my ears, it's kinda annoying. Not sure on SQ vs evos, definitely more less bass and more stage though.


Anyways, I'd like to order a 2nd set of headphones, and return the weakest link. I was going to order the DT990s, but I'm considering getting the Takstar 2050 instead, or maybe the Pioneer AE-S1000. Is the DT990 a noticeable jump above those two headphones in terms of sound quality or comfort?


I really don't want to lose anycomfort, but I could stand to lose an unnoticeable amount of sound quality for 1/3rd the price. Heck if they are nice enough I could return the evo too.

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