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Hello New to HeadFi. First Question: Trying to Rebuild a MDR-CD3000

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I have owned these since they were first released.  I haven't used them in awhile.  I opened the case and seen the Pleather deteriorating.  I replaced the Earpads was easy to do but the head band and elastic band pleather is bad as well.  I was able to cut the thread on the top head band and remove that pleather.  I was hoping someone here know a place I can send this out to and have the pleather replaced with real leather or something that will not go bad as far as I know the drivers are mint.  I was going to order some leather or pleather and try to do it myself but the elastic head band in the middle looks like it is attached with what feeks like a small bar which the elastic band loops through then was inserted into the pleather band.  I guess a leather shop like a shoe repair could copy that band. But I am really stumped on how to sew the top portion together. At least the Foam underneath is still like new.

Should I just sell them? are they worth selling and pick up the new MDR-7520.


Any Help?




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You need to post this in a appropriate place within the Equipment Forums--Headphones (full sized), or the DIY part of the forum.


Your first post here should have been a short introduction.

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Sorry about that.


I am a Avid Headphones Fan.  Not as much as some, but I like to listen to a good pair a Cans every now and then I mostly listen to my Speakers but when I truly want to get away from it all I put on my Headphones and get lost in the music.  I am a Sony Fan and Only Buy there Headphones there better Headphones that is not their regular Walmart Stuff. I have one headphone amp I use with my Computer.  Most the Time I listen off of my Sony ES receivers.  I try to pick up a new set of cans at least once a year maybe twice if I am lucky.






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I have been a Sony customer since 1970.  However, you limit yourself unnecessarily by buying their cans only.  Except perhaps for the MDR 7520 (and the MDR MA 900--if you draw the class tight enough and get it for under $200), there are better options than a Sony in virtually every other type, class and price range of can currently in production.  That's not a knock against Sony.  It tells you how good some of their competition is.

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Hi Joemin97,


you can't replace a CD3000 with a 7520, you would be VERY disappointed. The 7520 is the same as the Z1000. I own both the Z1000 and a CD3000, and the Z1000 is very bad compared to the CD3000. Try to repair your CD3000 as much as you can, but if you like their sound and their soundstage, keep it. There are no closed headphones equivalent to the CD3000.

If you sell the CD3000 of discard them, you will regret it for long.

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There are people that would beg you to sell them your CD3000.
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Ok I guess I will try and put new Leather or Pleather on these I guess.  I just need to find someone local that can make the center Leather Piece. That attaches to the elastic bands on the sides.  It looks like a small metal rod holds the band in place on the leather band itself.  I will break out a exacto knife and cut back the thread and see what it sandwiched between the material.  I wish I could send these into to Sony and have them do it.  I might still contact them on Monday and see, but I have a feeling if the parts are no longer available they won't be able to help me.


I just purchased a MA900 granted it won't sound as good as the CD3000 but after reading a lot on these forums I think I will give them a try.  Maybe later I will pick up the 7520's.


Thanks for the Input


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Just found this DIY rebuilt pleather replacement:
However I did a better easier way, just let all pleather pads in water for 24hrs and then peel it all off, breathable cloths reveals..
Now it's much better sounding, its like quad-open and no more warm and sweaty ears, the best.

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