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San Diego Introduction

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Hello, just wanted to introduce myself.  I have always had a passion for electronics, audio, brewing beer, golf, cigars and surfing.  I found this site and spent the last week reading as much as I could.


In the last week I bought a Stennheiser 589 Headphones, Stennheiser 600 Headphones, Stennheiser RS 180s, a Little Dot MKii, a Little Dot Mark IV SE, and a Bravo Oceans.  I also ordered a Crack kit.  I am very excited to get my crack kit. and just for kicks I ordered   a bunch of tubes on Ebay for my MKIV.


In addiiton, I have recently acquired a Musical Hall 2.2 turntable, and a Music Hall Phono Preamp PA1.2.


The answer is yes,  I am a little obsessive compulsive about my hobbies.  I probably went way overboard for not even listening to any of these devices before buying them but the recommendations on here were very strong and what I have received so far sounds great.


I just have one immediate question.  When I am not listening to Vinyl on the turntable I plug the MKII in to my IMAC to listen to Spotify at their highest quality.  The problem is when I plug in to the IMAC i get a slight buzzing that gets higher with volume increases.  I can plug the same set up in to my Mac Air laptop and get no buzzing.  I tried both the HD600 and HD 589 and they both sounded the same.  Any thoughts ??



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You are connecting the headphone jack on the iMac to the Little Dot's RCA inputs? Laptop headphone jacks are not the greatest, and not exactly the same as a real lineout. It's usually close enough, but it could be that the headphone jack is not matching well to the inputs of the Little Dot.

You have bought all that gear - but you haven't bought a DAC? Shame on you! You could try a USB DAC like a Fiio E10, Schiit Modi or JDS Labs ODAC.

Oh, and before I forget...

Welcome to head-fi, sorry about your wallet...
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Billy Bob,


Thanks for the hello.  I understand what you are saying about the microjack on the IMAC.  I just think it is interesting I get no feedback on the MAC Air and do in the IMAC Desktop.  


About the external DAC, I read on several threads that the internal DAC on the MAC was good enough and that there would really be no discernible improvement on an external DAC.  I would love a reason to buy something else.  What do you think?  Buy a DAC????  More toys is always better.

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