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Guys I know that they are very different cans but can anybody compare them with the HD 25 ALU??

I always liked the 25 (with its very unique character, definately). I think that this might be their best incarnation, but I have never owned them... I was almost ready to pull the triger but I read about the sound quality of the Spirit pros and I like what I am reading here.... and if I am right I think that they have some common qualities in their sound!!


Any direct comparisons? I read at the begining of the thread about how they compare to Amperiors but if possible I would like some comments about the 25Alu vs FSP!


I like that the 25s have prooven indestructable because I want to use them on the go too.... 


I have Ifi iDSD nano DAC, iCan Nano and JSD Labs O2 amp.

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Originally Posted by M-13 View Post

Anybody know if this cable fits the FSP?

FiiO RC-MH1 Replacement cable for Philips X1, Sony 1R, V-Moda M80/M100 Headphones

FiiO RC-MH1 Replacement cable for Philips X1, Sony 1R, V-Moda M80/M100 Headphones

Looks like it might from the picture. I'm tempted to try them out.

The size of the plug look ok but the length might be a problem. It will likely hit your shoulder.
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Originally Posted by Twinster View Post

The size of the plug look ok but the length might be a problem. It will likely hit your shoulder.

You might be right. It's too bad I can never know unless I actually buy it to try.

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Originally Posted by Hi-Fi Guy View Post

Found this review on headmania of the FS one S and it's actually in English 


posted it on another thread and forgot to post it here

This review had me interested, sounds like these Focal Spirit One S is really to my liking. My only concern from that review is the highs, it sounds like it may still be slightly bit veiled even if it's less veiled than the original Focal Spirit One. The classic he compared to have pretty neutral tonality so. A FS Classic/Pro with the new pads, the bass response and soundstaging of the Focal Spirit S while keeping the mids/highs balance of FS Pro/Classic thereabouts would be what I'm looking for. :P

Well okay, the 2013 Focal Spirit One looked quite okay, not very veiled at all and 300Hz square wave also looks good (remember that in Tyll's measurement you kinda have to add a downwards tilting line above 1kHz to get a neutral level better presented) http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/FocalSpiritOne2013B.pdf so will definitely keep an eye on the Focal Sprit One S.

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Just got my pair this morning and like many others i am blown away by how fantastically neutral these sound! I was a little reserved in buying them due to the many complaints about comfort but out of the box they're not too bad. I have a huge head and have to have the cups extended all the way down and they 'just' fit. I also have fairly large ears and the fit is a little tight but nothing unbearable. Clamping force isn't too bad, nowhere near as bad the original Beyerdynamic DT1350s i used to have. Build quality seems ok, the hinges aren't too creaky when moved and are fine when on the head. I thought the cups were plastic to begin with but its just the protective covering they've put on them.

I have no complaints about the sound at all, from top to bottom it sounds very balanced, smooth, clear and non fatiguing.

I'm also very happy with the shorter remote cable, i hate coiled cables so its good that this one is light and long enough to be used at my desk and the plug also fits nicely into the protective case on my Galaxy S5.

If i can get these earpads to stretch and fit better these will definitely be a keeper!

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Originally Posted by Hi-Fi Guy View Post

I can't find an U.S. retailers that sell them

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I think it's the One S rather than the Pro that Hi-Fi guy is on the hunt for.

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Ic, maybe he can ring up B&H for a special order. I've done this before for eneloop cells with good results. Thanks for the clarification.
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checked the spirit one s with a dx90, calyx m - they sound pretty dull and bass heavy, cannot compare them sound quality wise with its big brothers. Probably they are more interesting for people liking the "beats" sound.


 Only  the memory foam of the one s is more soften and somehow i got the feeling, that  they fit easier on the head.


From the outer physics they are structurally identical to the Pro and the Classic, just in anthracite / silver design. All three models are made of plastic, only the bow of the Classic is covered with artificial leather.

I' will return the one s and still using the Sennheiser Momentum in my urban environment ...

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If anyone doesn't like the Focal Spirit Professional that much and maybe wants to swap for my mint condition Sennheiser HD 600, have a look here: 


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Originally Posted by UnityIsPower View Post


Thanks but I was referring to the FS One S.

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