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Originally Posted by MuppetFace View Post

I was one of the first people to buy a Liquid Gold after hearing a demo of it.


Am I upset over the sale? Nope.


Being an early adopter potentially means missing out on later deals, and I understood this going into it. Rather than fuming over what I feel I've missed or what I feel I'm owed, I instead choose to focus on what I've gained: I've had many months of pleasure listening to my setup, thanks in large part to the LAu.


Meet deals are common place in this industry, and I think it was nice of Alex to extend the sale to folks who couldn't make it to the meet in person. I'm happy for future owners who will get a deal on the LAu, what I feel to be a truly stellar amp.

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I had the opportunity the other day to listen to a Liquid Gold at my local shop.  I just used my LCD2s and man oh man, it was amazing.  Might have to try the Abyss they have on the rack with it next time I'm in and totally ruin my setup... :veryevil: 

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I pulled the trigger on this amp a couple weeks ago. I drooled over it long before the deal was announced, trying to figure out how to justify the purchase. Since I was teetering over the edge of pulling the trigger, it was too much for me to learn about the recent discount. And while I do appreciate delicate, ethereal sound, I inevitably crave a more visceral, impactful sound, the kind that lives and breathes inexorably into my ears.

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When does it come in?  I'd love to hear your thoughts compared to the BA.

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Originally Posted by Radio_head View Post

When does it come in?  I'd love to hear your thoughts compared to the BA.

I'll definitely post some impressions when I have some time with it. Two weeks ago I was told 4-6 weeks, but probably closer to 6.

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Folks, this run of Liquid Gold is sold out pending completion of one new order. Thanks very much to everyone who has bought this great product.


I will be back in Austin Monday 3/30 and amps will start shipping again next week.


Also, at the end of production we sometimes find it possible to build a few more amps because, as you would expect, we ordered over quantity on everything. If we can do this we will make them available at the special price as soon as we know.


Thanks again.

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Hey guys, I'm back and amps are going out again. At least 5 will go out this week and more next week until we complete the run.


Thanks to everyone for the patience.

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There is now much more demand for these amps that this current run can fulfill. We may be able to make one or two extras, but that won't be enough. :smile:


We have decided to make an out-of-sequence production run over the summer, starting approximately May 1 to try to get amps to those of you who weren't able to get one on the current production run. This new run will require deposits and will probably begin shipping in August (summer production just takes a little longer). We are planning to make about 30 units for this short run.


We'd like to have 10 sign ups before we start the run. If you want a Liquid Gold from this run please email me at liquidgold@cavalliaudio.com


I have quite a few emails already from folks asking if/when there would be more available. I will respond to everyone in the next day or so, but feel free to email me again just to remind me.


Once we have 10 signups we will open the website for deposits. Price will remain at $3950.


Also, here's a review that some of you may not have seen. It will also appear in the latest issue of TAS.




Thanks again for all of your support.

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Gents, thanks for the interest. We have opened reserve deposits for the new Summer run of Golds. You can sign up on the website. We expect delivery in August and will have firmer delivery times as we get into July.


Thanks again.

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The LAu is now officially in my ears. Although I will refrain from any detailed impressions at least until the recommended burn-in is complete, I will say that I am already in love with this gorgeous amp. It really is FAR more beautiful in person. Sonic improvements at this point seem like icing on the cake.


On another note, my HE-6s have taken a substantial lead in listening time.


Thanks to Alex and Cavalli Audio for your excellent product and customer service.

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Hey folks, we are now down to only 10 amps to go. :)


Hopefully, all will go out in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime the Summer run is already cranking up. :)

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Originally Posted by runeight View Post

Hey folks, we are now down to only 10 amps to go. smily_headphones1.gif


Hopefully, all will go out in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime the Summer run is already cranking up. smily_headphones1.gif


I'm interesed in one, do you have only 10 left to sell, or is 10 at the special promotion price?

Also, I've read through both threads on the LAu, and to my suprise there was not a single comparison with the ALO Audio Studio Six, which is another amp on my must-try list. Anyone that's heard both of these have any comments about how they stack up against one another, especially now that the LAu is around the same price.

I plan on upgrading from a Burson Conductor and had my heart set on the S6, but now I am rethinking that after reading about the LAu, anyone have any recommendations. Will the upgrade be very noticeable coming from the Burson Conductor, this is really my first foray into the ultra-high end stuff. Thanks.
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goldendarko, the current production run is sold out and we have been shipping out amps over the last month. There are now only 10 amps left that have to be shipped to complete this run.


However, the new Summer run is still available. Amps are being reserved steadily, but there are still plenty left. We estimate that amps will begin to ship again about mid-August.

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Runeight, thanks for the reply, good to hear there is still some time to pick one of these up at the current pricing as I've just begun doing my research on it.

Would be curious to hear of any experience's from someone who has been able to compare this amp with the Studio Six as that is the one I've had my heart set on for a while. I'm sure you can't lose with either amp but this LAu is really starting to look better the more I read about it, just wish I could hear them both first before buying, argh!!!
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Still interested in trying a liquid gold myself.. will keep saving!




Check that out - mikemercer compared the two directly~

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