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Help required - Which over ear ?

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Hi Guys,


Firstly let me apologise if I blabber or what I say doesn't make any sense, i'm new to this!


Right, my dilemma is that I am on the look for a decent pair of headphones. They will be used for mainly either at home listening, or used at the gym (non cardio).


I currently have a set of Shure SE215 in ears, and have a set of Bose OE (originals, not the OE2's) and this will be a replacement of the Bose.


My music taste does vary, however what I do not listen to is rock, garage, country, rap. It's mainly R&B, some dance, some pop and female vocalists. I am not a bass head, hence why I am ignoring the Monster and the Beats range, however needs to have something there.


So upon my research, I have read reviews and seen the looks of a few headphones, varied from on ear and over ear, I would prefer over ear.


What I do know is that I have been coming across these alot:


AKG K550 ( I hear lacks bass but are V good headphones but are big)

PSB M4U ( 1 or 2 - not bothered about NC however the built in amp on the 2's I hear are good - but also look big)

Sennheiser Momentums ( looks good and reviews again say good)

V-Moda M-100 ( Rave reviews, seems ideal however a pain to find here)

Denon D2000 ( heard good reviews, however build issues with the infamous screw holding the ear cups in ?)


I have sampled the Momentum OE - and to be honest I didn't see anything wow about them. Due to that, It isn't really on my list, but due to the good reviews I decided to put it up on their anyways.


I am in the UK, I am a short guy 5"8 and say have a normal size head and wear glasses.


So I am on here to see if there is any way I can narrow the list down, or maybe even add something else to the mix ? I know it's subjective, but the problem I have is that I can't easily listen to most of the headsets in question here, so I am relying on user input and luck!


I would say budget is around £150 - £200



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On ears at the gym will be a massive pita especially if you're going to be even sweating a little bit.  Dennon D2000s are bass head cans and you'll have a hell of a time trying to find them for your price.  I'd look at HD598s for at home use and then just spend some money on cheap iems for the gym.  M100s could be a good choice too.

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how about separate hps?

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The denons were hard to come by mind you. I will use the shures for gym use, mainly cardio.

I have been doing further research and may have finally found a set with the NAD Viso HP50. Rave reviews, same design as the PSB which I likes other than the plastic look and them being pretty big in size. Hopefully I can take a listen and hear what their like . mind they are above my budget but something I don't mind as I doubt I'd need an amp to really feel them.
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