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For Sale: Goldring DR150

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For Sale:
Goldring DR150

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm clearing out some of my little-used gear to fund future purchases. Up for sale here is an excellent condition pair of Goldring DR150 headphones. They're boxed and complete with all original accessories: 3m QED cable & 6.3mm adapter.


The DR150s are an excellent sounding pair of headphones for the budget-concious audiophile. Bass is well extended, fast and tight; mids are clear and slightly forward - guitar-based music sounds great with them.  They're also lightweight and comfortable to wear. The cable is easily replaceable - it plugs into the earcup using a standard 3.5mm plug. The supplied 3m cable is of excellent quality, and I'll also throw in a spare 1.2m cable for portable use. They are 32ohm impedance and are easily driven without additional amplification.


This pair have only seen light home use, and have been sitting in their box for most of the last year as I prefer to use my other headphones.




Please PM me for a postage quote to other locations.


From a non smoking, pet-free home. Any other questions please just ask!.

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Here's a couple of reviews of the DR150:
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Price drop!

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Another price drop!

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For anyone looking for a good starter open headphone these are excellent. I'm sat here listening to some 24/192 music on a Fiio X3 through a pair of these and the clarity is brilliant for this kind of money. I paid £70 for mine a few years ago and I still think they're well worth the money.

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Price drop!

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