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For Sale:
6AS7G/6080, 6DJ8/6922 Tube Sell-Off! (Woo WA3, Bottlehead Crack, Aune T1)

Will Ship To: Continental US

I recently acquired my first tube amp (WA3), which has in turned exposed me to the perils of tube rolling. I do not have the golden ears to fully appreciate the subtle differences, nor the wallet to spring for anything truly top-notch, so it’s time to clear out my inventory and settle down! 


None of these tubes have more than 10 hours put on them since I acquired them, and as an added bonus they have all been listened to and have been verified to sound great. PM me if you'd like further details on any of them.


Shipping to CONUS and PayPal fees included in prices. Sorry, I will not split up pairs and prices are firm since I am only asking what I paid.




RCA 6AS7G black plates w/box: $SOLD

GE 6AS7GA black plates w/box: $SOLD

RCA 6080 w/box: $SOLD

GE 5-Star 6080 black plates: $SOLD




Matched Pair Amperex Orange Shield PQ ECC88 Holland: $SOLD

Matched Pair Amperex Bugle Boy 6DJ8 Holland: $SOLD

Matched Pair JAN Philips 6922 w/box: $SOLD

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