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Nice Desktop stands (KEF x300a)?

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Hi there,


I've got a pair of fanstatic KEF x300a and am looking for Desktop stands.

To be on my ear level they need to be around 22-25cm in height.

Does anyone know good looking, not too bulky ones?


I also wondered: What's the difference in quality between such stands where

the speakers are at ear level hight but level. And such "foam pads" where the speakers

are at the desk but at an angle, pointing towards my head?


Like these: https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTLhh1oanhrxsRPpUyxTUVD08MWXrZEsMIJmmVPI59eXy7PXz0


Thanks a lot,


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Originally Posted by chbla View Post


I also wondered: What's the difference in quality between such stands where

the speakers are at ear level hight but level. And such "foam pads" where the speakers

are at the desk but at an angle, pointing towards my head?


It will depend on the dispersion pattern and room acoustics. Some just work better with one type, or it depends on how far you are sitting from them. Some speakers might sound too "bright" or "too forward" with stands that put them at ear level if you're sitting too close, while the dispersion angle on others and the angle of the stands might not be great at your seating position.

The best option really is to order both then sell the one you don't like. Someone who prefers one over the other may be significantly shorter or taller than you for example and affect the sound of the angled pads for them.

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Stands much better ime. You still risks reflections from the desk surface with cheap pads (which are better than nothing.


They don't have to be expensive, Use blocks of timber or house bricks.


If you do have spare money the very best method is to 'fly' your monitors. Stand the monitors slightly above head height and angle them down slightly.



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Thanks for the answers!


Yeah I think the ones linked above would be perfect, that's what I would like.

However - I'm not sure how or where to attach the x300a.


Why is it better to tilt them down instead of pointing straight at me?

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Less chance of reflections. Less chance of something getting in the way, such as bits of you. Better room effect.


Doesn't really make that much difference. Mainly just looks cool and pro. :wink_face:.


I use a much, much cheaper pair of Gale variable height hi-fi stands myself but they have been discontinued so I couldn't add a direct link.

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Do you have the x300a too? How do you fix them to the stands?

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Oh. O.K. I see your problem now.


Mine have a fitting on the back. Some have it on the bottom. I think it's a VESA standard or something. I thought they all did. You can get adapters to fix them to just about anything. Including microphone stands and girders.


Yours' don't. Not as far as I can see anyway. Nice speakers otherwise by the look of it btw.


So you are limited to mounting them on a flat surface or a tray with a lip. Strap 'em down if you are worried about knocking them off and don't care about looks.


It's not a problem. Hi Fi speakers aren't normally screwed down. Just find a regular pair of short stands.

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Alright, I'll have a look and see :)



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Mmmh. Well chbla. You seem to have discovered a gap in the market here.


Considering the current popularity of active nearfield monitors you would have thought it would be easy to find suitable stands to mount them on the desktop. Not so.


You cannot really put those KEFs on a bookshelf because they are rear ported and need ventilation for the fins. Traditional hi-fi stands are too low off the floor and too high on the desk.


You could use a full size pair of pro speaker stands behind a desk but they are often unattractive and might be too far away for optimum listening.


So it looks like slim pickings unless someone else chimes in.    .............


I have an earlier model pair of these Gale ARC 120 but they are not well distributed atm.




This looks like a cheap and easy plan to make your own and save some space.




And finally this looks like a specialist supplier.



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Thanks for the detailed answer!

Yeah I figured out there is really not much out there.. I asked KEF, they don't have any stands for those speakers and

there is also no way to mount/fix them (like VESA standard, screws, anything). This surprised me a bit.


I will ask this supplier you linked if they can provide some, and see what they cost, 24cm would be good.


Otherwise I will make my own, I have two options that are not too much effort:


Ideally it would be a 'U'-Shape rotatet to the left 90 degrees (side view).

That way you don't clutter your desk too much.


I can either make this from wood (painted black) or bend a ~6mm steel plate/sheet - which would look quite nice in

dark grey.

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I've got Auralex MoPAD's under my X300A's & couldn't be happier.. They angle perfect from my desk upward with double pads, & the isolation/dampening is excellent, &.. they're cheap. Plus if you were to decide to buy stands later you can always use them between the speaker & stand as desks usually resonate quite a bit.

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