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Need assistance with setup of new portable rig

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I would like to set up a great set of HP to use with an iPhone 4 with great quality and sound from the mids, highs, with deep punchy bass! I'm thinking of buying the Senn. HD 650's and using a Fiio E12 or possibly another portable amp. I am open to suggestions of other combo rigs. Not dead set on this one. I've never even heard any sennheiser products in the past so it's all a guess. My favorite artists are THE EAGLES, BOB SEGER. So I listen to a great deal of classic rock, country, and some hip/hop (sparingly).

Any recommendations would be great. I've been researching for several weeks and this is how I've come to the above setup. I've also considered other HP's like Denon D2000 (can't find), DT 770's, 990pro's. As for amps I've researched the Arrow 4G, Fiio E12, PA2V2. Please advise!

I've considered just using the iPhone with less expensive HP's but after listening to my Denon D1100's and PSB's I am searching for an improved audio experience. Something that will make Don Henley's voice shine like I'm there front row at the concert! Bass that will rattle my head (figuratively speaking), mids that are forward and clear, and highs that shine like the North Star on a cloudless night.

Recommendations are needed. Budget? Let's say the cheaper the better...but willing to pay more
to avoid mediocrity!

Thanks in advance for reading my ramblings.
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HD650's with an e12 sounds pretty good to me.   I bought a e18 for giggles and use it from my laptop to my HD580's and it's pretty nice.  I've read the e12 is a stronger amplifier than what the e18 has (but no DAC) so I'd imagine it'd do very well.


Bear in mind that open headphones provide the poorest isolation.   I don't know what environments you'll be using your phones in, but for anyone that want's an "anywhere" system, I can't recommend a good pair of IEMs highly enough.  They sound very good compared to full sized only suffering in soundstage, and provide isolation (from both directions) that no FS can match, and even in a nice otterbox case they can be stowed in a pocket.  I can't imagine having to lug around a pair of HD650's with me all the time.  And if I did I would certainly want a case to keep them from getting banged up or broken.


Best of luck!

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The Denon D2000 and D1100 have both been discontinued. You might find some old stock, refurbished or used.
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DT 770 is more suitable for you, E12 is great but not good enough for HD 650.


Another choice is X3 or X5 + DT 770 32ohms, which you can bypass an amp like E12.

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I can't think of a worse headphone for Eagles, Bob Sieger and the like.  I owned the DT770/80ohm for a while.  At first I thought they were OK, but after the novelty of the way-overdone base wore off and the piercing and sibilant treble became too fatigueing to stand for more than 10 minutes I sold them and never once regretted it.   If you're a 70 year old with no hearing above 6khz and into rap or dubstepp, then I could recommend them.


Gordon, please tell us about your experience with the e12 and HD650 and why you think it's not good enough.

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The sound of HD 650 is quite loud when you turn on 16 db gain on E12, but after connected HD 650 with SPL and LEHMANN, I realize the HD 650 is not designed for portable amp. 


Just my personal opinion, my current portable gears are X5 (just purchsed) with E12 + Shure 840.

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So, disregard my initial post what would you recommend for a portable setup with an iPhone +HP+amp for great classic rock and hip hop with natural sounding mids! highs. And a thumping/punchy bass. These cans need to be over the ear and can be closed or open backed!
The amp need be about the same size as an iPhone itself. RECOMMENDATIONS ANYONE?
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