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Grado SR225i vs Mad Dogs (T50-RP)

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Hey there,


So I'm quite young and recently got into headphones, and I'm looking for a good pair of cans and an amp. My budget is limited to ~US$300 for the phones and ~US$200 for the amp. I want the headphones to be good all around; I listen to a bit of everything, house, jazz, electronica, blues, etc… I do like it when the bass is punchy and "involving" (making you want to shake your head to the beat), but I don't mind if the headphones have a natural sound and therefore not that much bass.


After some research I found these 4 headphones which seemed to fit me :


The Grado SR225i ($200) : I've read quite a few reviews on these and they all seemed to say that these headphones were good all round, and had clear/sharp/clean sound (which is what I'm looking for). Better sound quality and materials than the SR125i, but cheaper than the SR325i, they seemed ideal for me. However, every single review I read/watched said they couldn't be worn for more than 45min without causing discomfort. Therefore I dropped these, but if anyone can convince me to get these over the others, have a try.


Second, the Mad Dogs by MrSpeakers. They are a modded Fostex T50-RP, and MrSpeakers makes them personally, which increases the reliability and build quality. After reading some reviews (though there aren't that many), I was absolutely convinced that this was the best pair of headphones for around $300. There seems to be nothing bad about these, and they apparently do provide a bit of punchy bass. Overall, these are exactly what I was looking for. However, I currently live in China (even though I'm French) and will soon return to France; either way shipping them will be way too expensive. Soon there are holidays and I'm hoping that someone at my school is going to America and bring back these cans. Hoping very much.


So here it is, what I think of these two headphones from several reviews. Also, I decided to go with the UDAC-2, it's cheap, portable and quite really good.


Feel free to tell me what you think of my choice or advise other headphones.



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I can wear my SR225i for longer periods of time, but you may want to invest in some TTVJ flat pads if you buy one.

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Those are two very, very different headphones. The Grado is an open phone (*very* open), and known for excellent mid range & detailed highs. The Mad Dogs are a closed headphone with excellent isolation, smooth midrange and a warm but generally neutral sound.

I really can't tell you which to buy - they are simply too different,and both have their fans.
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