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Clean power - Believe it or not

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And yes, this is a dedicated source component...at least for me..now.


Some people don't believe interconnects and cables make a difference. Some don't believe in power cleaners. Well, I did believe in cables but never thought power was such an issue. Man - here is a lesson learned.


I have a Velleman K4040 tube amp (many people who know me call it the Frankenamp because of the stress it has caused). The amp puts out 90wpc and sounds beautiful ..it didn;t at the start when I bought it used...it had a hum in one channel, a buzz in the other. It took two months of working with friends who are experts, own oscilloscopes, etc. to get it to sound incredible.


But even with all of that, it still had two remaining issues.

1) a very light buzz in the right channel (you have to put your ear to the speaker but I knew it was there)

2) The power trannie made the unit BZZZZ...could here it a foot or so away..ANNOYING


Affect the music ? Nope. Hear it in the room when playing ? No. BUT I KNEW IT WAS THERE...and if the room was dead quiet, my keen OCD ears would pick it up. But after all the work and sounding great I let it be...Till my OCD kicked in again recently ..LOL


Okay, long story short, had to set the background.


Ordered a Furman PS-8D strip from Amazon (read up on these)







Trannie bzz - Gone


Speaker buzz gone


Sound...amazing...NOW I know a true black background. for $109 I did what a team could not and loving it...


BTW...This thing is ALOT bigger than it looks in the picture. Weighs a few pounds and is 20 inches long ..

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I owned a Furman PL-8 Series II a while ago and came home to find the extreme voltage LED lit and the unit shut off. Fearing the worst, I turned on the Furman and powered up the stereo and played some music - everything worked fine. I think you made a good choice.

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Thanks for the info mate, I always believed in clean power since at night my audio rig always sounded cleaner. I've been wanting to get myself a cheap power conditioner, couldn't find one until now. Seems like Furman products are great value. Can you tell me how does the PST-8D compared to the M-8Dx? I'm quite intrigued by the looks of the M-8Dx LOL.



And does your PST-8D comes with other plugs/socket? To be more specific, do they come with some sort of adapter to be used in AUS/NZ? Thanks

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62ohm...I do not know about the other (first hand). I did my research, heard amazing things about Furman technology and went for it. I chose this one over the rack mount because of where it was going to be.


As to connectors, other voltages, I have no idea ..sorry !

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