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IEM Headphone Advice

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I'm sort of lost on where to look for advice. I've looked at the headphone buying guide on here, which is leading me to want Shure SE215's, but let me tell you what I'm looking for.


Budget - $130 (I'd prefer not to go above this)


Music Taste - my favorite band is The Strokes, but I listen to almost everything. A LOT of indie music like Dr.Dog, but sometimes dubstep like Skrillex. I guess I'm looking for all around good headphones, but if I had to pick a focus I'd want it to be on The Strokes and indie music.


I like IEM's for portability, and I like that Shure SE215's are worn over the ear. I hope I was clear enough, and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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So - how about the Shure SE215?
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The shure se-215s are a pretty good all around iem. They have removable cables which is a big bonus. They are considered bass heavy, but it lacks punch sometimes for me. With a fiio rc upgrade cable and flange tips the sound is pretty good and the noise isolation is fantastic. I found that the completely sealed design is fatiguing though. Depending on the deals you can find, you may want to consider the Yamaha EPH-100, or some Vsonic (I think) mention I've seen going around. Hopefully someone can clarify which one I'm thinking of
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