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ATH-M50 Upgrade?

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Hello Lads,


I've had my Audio Technica's for probably a year now and I feel it's time to upgrade. First off, I have no real complaints with the M50's as they were very forgiving to my wide musical taste and played everything quite good. But, I know that there are far better cans out there and I would like to know what you guys suggest. I have a $450 budget (Depending if I need an amp or not). I listen to a lot of Bass heavy music like trap, DnB, Electronica, etc. But vocals are also extremely important to me as I love my female vocals haha. So are there any clear upgrades around $400 that I'm missing? Or is it extremely opinion oriented and I'm going to have to check out like 30 sets of headphones before I make my final decision?

Thanks a ton.

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I went through a lot of amps and several sets of headphones before I found something that was right for me.  My best recommendation would be to audition them in person if you can. 


In my opinion, headphones are like speakers in that every design is a compromise.  You need to find the one that brings out the details in the music you like.  THEN upgrade amps, dac, source, cables, etc...


...yes, I too am new here.  But have been in the hobby for a long time. 

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I'm new to the whole getting the best out of my music thing in itself lol. Like I have no idea where to even begin to start.
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What are you using for a source? I thought the m50 sounded better using a dedicated hp amp.
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Originally Posted by Forky View Post

I'm new to the whole getting the best out of my music thing in itself lol. Like I have no idea where to even begin to start.

As Forky mentioned there are a few ways to go about this


If your willing to drop $450 into headphones I would HIGHLY suggest the Shure 1540, right in your budget and should be a HUGE improvement over the M 50,  how ever you could save about $150 and get your self a Fiio E17 and a headphone like the Sound Magic HP 100, the V Moda 100 or the Mr Speakers Mad Dog [all of those are $300 headphones, and the E17 is a Dac/Amp that runs about $150]


That said, what is your source. And one of the cheapest upgrades to your music quality is the file quality! If your listening to Mp3's try getting Lossless Flacs, such as Wav, AIFF, or Ape Files, CD quality music does sound better than Mp3s... always. 

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My sources are my iPod touch 4, and occasionally my laptop (Not sure about the specs) I'm also not very good with getting uncompressed files
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