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Insurance for IEMs?

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I've got a set of UE PRMs that I dearly love and cost a lot of money. I have most of my other expensive gear insured through my renter's insurance (State Farm) however they are refusing to cover my IEMs because, they claim, they are neither jewelry or a musical instrument. I've gone back and forth with them and they're not budging. So I'm just wondering if anyone else out there has insurance on their IEMs and if they have an insurance company they recommend?



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In my experience, Squaretrade only covers things like problems or defects or damage. It doesn't cover loss or theft - which is expressly what I'm afraid of. I travel a lot with these things, and though I've never lost a set of IEMs or headhphones before, I'll be damned if this is the first set I lose. 


Anyone know of an insurance company that will cover theft / loss? I find it hard to believe I'm the first head-fi'r that has had this thought :)

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