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Looking for some suggestions!

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Hello Head-Fi!


After lurking the forum for about a year I finally decided that its time to become a member and also start putting together a full size setup rather than just messing with my portable one.

I bought a pair of MDR-XB1000 recently and to my surprise (not really) my laptop doesn't have sufficient power so now I'm looking for a DAC AMP combo for my PC.


Current headphone is as I said Sony MDR-XB1000 but I'm also planning on buying the Hifiman HE-400 (or something in that price range) for when I'm not listening to edm so I would like an AMP thats able to power most headphones I might throw at it in the future.

I'm still fairly new so you will have to excuse me if I seem kind of incompetent but I like to think I know these things somewhat well by now :p

So far i have considered:


Schiit Modi and Magni


FiiO e09k and e17


O2+ODAC Combo


Budget around 400$


Any suggestions appreciated!

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Audio Gd nfb 12!!

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