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Hello there, Head-Fi!

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Hello Head-Fi,


My name is Joey, I've been lurking around these forums for quite some months now, rarely making a post, mainly because most of the people here know way more about audio than i do, and i didn't want to look stupid.


I'm 17 years old, i live in the Netherlands. and my passion for headphones started about 2 years ago, when my girlfriend came home with the infamous 'Beats by Dre Solo (Not even the HD version)'


I told her "Are you crazy?! 180 Euro's (That's 243,7 USD) For a headphone?! Just use these free earbuds you got with your phone!


She said: Here, just take a listen.


I put them on my head, plugged them into my iPod, started a song and the first few seconds i fell in love. My music was alive! Everything was so clear, the bass was so heavy. I didn't want to take them off, after 30 minutes (Which felt like 5 minutes) i finally got the self-control to put them off my head. I asked her 'Is this the best headphone ever made?'. She said: I don't know, i just bought it because i wanted better quality and in the USA everyone has them! The rest of the evening i was examining the beautiful piece of art that called itself a 'beats solo'.


I pretty much forgot about it later, until she came again (Quick sidenote, we live 200km (Which is 124 miles) apart from eachother), months later, she brought the beats solo with her again. I didn't really felt like listening to them because i missed my girlfriend too much, and was just being busy with her all day. On the day she had to go home again, she asked if i wanted to borrow them. Of course I said yes.


After a week or so, i started to do research on the Beats. The beats solo was the "lowest" tier of all their headphones! I saw the beats wireless, the beats MIXR, the beats studio and the beats pro. The Studio really caught my eye, and after asking a lot my parents gave it to me. A few days later it arrived. Like a monster i ripped it open, plugged it in and tried to listen to music. Oh noes, it didn't work! I was panicing like crazy, a 300 euro's headphone that didn't work! After reading the manuals i saw i had to put batteries in it and turn it on.. I fell in love, again! The music was even better than with the solo's! When i did a bass test, and i blasted them at full, the headphone was just vibrating from the bass.. It was one of the most awesome things i ever felt in my life.


The next day i took it with me to school, the noise cancellation was great, i didn't even get annoyed by the wind (I forgot to mention, i also took my girlfriend's solo's to school, but the wind when cycling was really annoying, i had to put the volume up pretty high to cancel it out). When i arrived at school, i had the feeling everyone was staring at me, in a good way. Now of course most of you will think 'who the hell would want such a thing', but it felt great. Finally people saw me, no more was i someone who just blended in with everyone else. I enoyed the beats studio for months (The black version, for those interested. The solo's were white).


Months passed and a lot of people began buying beats (Or atleast, i saw them way more often). One dude at my school had the beats pro silver/black, which had an aluminium finish. I asked him if i could try it, pretty please. And he said 'yeah sure, personally i like it way better than the beats studio you've got!'. I tried them and, meh, for some odd reason i didn't like it. It sounded exactly like the beats studio, but with less bass. I thanked him for the time and just went on with my life, rocking my beats studio each day. One day, a friend of the dude (i don't even know their names, LOL) also got a beats pro, the all white version. It was a true beauty. I also just had to get one, i didn't care for the sound, i just wanted one! The same day my beats studio broke, but luckily i got another one from the insurance (I told them it was totally broken, and that i couldn't use it anymore, although all that happend was a snapped headband). So now i had 2 beats studio's, 1 with a snapped headband and a totally new one. I sold the new pair to my niece for 200 euro's, took all my saving money (Which wasn't much, since i didn't have a job at the time), and also asked my parents for some money, to buy a pair of beats pro white. I got it for 330 euro's (which was a 70 euro discount). The next day i got it, i opened it, tried it, compared it with my beats studio and i thought: Atleast this thing won't snap on me!


After rocking it for 2 days, one of the earcups began creeping me out. It was all loose! Not just a bit, oh no it even fell off after a few hours. The whole earcup just fell of my 330 Euro headphone! I immediatly remembered something a friend of mine said: "Watch out with buying beats, a lot of fake one's are on the market at the moment", and i thought: Well SH#T! I got a fake pair! I called the company who sold it to me and asked why they sold me a fake pair. They told me it wasn't a fake and they'd get me a new pair if I'd send my broken pair to them. Weeks later my new pair arrived, but i still didn't believe they were real. I looked up on the internet how you could see if they were real or not. It turned out they were real, i was just very unlucky.


I rocked the beats pro all white for about a new, without a single problem. I did more research about beats and found out about something called a 'Beats pro detox'. It was a rare version of the beats pro, which of course I wanted. I saved up all my money along with my girlfriend. The detox was already discontinued for over a year at the time, but we found someone selling one on a site called "Marktplaats" (Translation = marketplace, it's a site just like Ebay). We hopped on the train and went to buy it, after all it was only 300 euro's, while new it was 500 to 550! The guy was acting pretty nervous, and we couldn't open it before we paid him 50 euro's. I told him if I can't open the box I'm not going to buy it. So i opened it, and saw that the box was damaged at the inside (Although it was still wrapped). The cord was different than the one on my beats pro all white, the inside felt different, the cleaning cloth was different, some of the manuals weren't even inside! But i was like: It's a rare limited edition, maybe it's just different. Biggest mistake i ever made with headphone's. It turned out to be fake, which ofcourse i found out a few days after buying it. The guy was unable to reach, but luckily i had all of his information, like his phone number and where he lived. I went to the nearest police station and they told me they couldn't do much. Confused by it I asked 'What is not much? There must be something you can do!'. They told me: Well we can of course call him, that might change his mind. If that doesn't, there isn't anything we can't do. Lucky for me, he got scared and i had my 300 euro's back, and i send him the fake pair of beats pro detox back. Now i had a problem, i had 300 euro's but no headphone! The beats pro white was not mine anymore, because i "sold" it to my girlfriend. At that time they had a new beats pro. The all red version, which was 330 euro at a trusted site. It said it was limited edition (It came out like a half year ago from now, and they still sell it, but whatever). So i got that one (My girlfriend gave me the extra 30 euro's i needed).


I liked it and used it very much, but the paint came chipping off (A 330 euro headphone, first an earcup falls off,and then the paint chips off within 2 weeks, great work Dre! Not.). I called to beats but they were like: You got to send it, we'll look at it and if it's a lot of paint that came off, we'll get you a new one within 6 to 10 weeks". I thought by myself: That's not going to happen. At the same time i kept looking on "Marktplaats" (The Ebay like site i mentioned earlier). And i found another Beats pro Detox, a real one this time! I sold my beats pro all red for 130 euro's (That's a 200 euro lose, but whatever). Asked my parents for some money (They got real tired of it, and told me this was the last time) and my girlfriend also gave me some. I went to the seller's house along with my girlfriend (Which wasn't too far away from her house). The dude selling them was also an audio fanatic (Not really an audiophile), just like me! He had all kind of headphones, the had the beats solo HD, the beats tour, the beats studio, a v-moda, a few sony's and a lot more! He sold me the beats pro detox (which i checked like a million times to see if it was real) which i'm wearing right now.


A few days later i found out about this site, and that beats were grossly overpriced. I lurked these forums like crazy and found out about a lot of brands i never heard off, like audio technica, beyerdynamic, shure, and a lot of others. But there was one brand which really looked amazing to me, Audeze. I was trying to get a job to afford an LCD-2. But gave up after i saw it was open-back and i still live with my parents, little brother and little sister who make a lot of noise. Then the Audeze XC came out, which i am saving up for right now!


Well, that was my story, sorry for the huge wall of text, and grammar errors that I made.

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Interesting story! :)

Good lucking getting the XC :)
I'm getting the LCD-3 next month.

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Originally Posted by Androb View Post

Interesting story! :)

Good lucking getting the XC :)
I'm getting the LCD-3 next month.

Thanks :)


Good luck, i'll probably have to wait for another 6 months, LOL.

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