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For Sale:
(BRAND NEW) ATH-M50 w/ Detachable cable mod & 4 foot straight cable

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have a BRAND NEW pair of ATH-M50s that I modded to have a detachable cable. I ordered them from Amazon using some of the credit I had there for returning some school books, I only bought these to do the mod and sell them to put the Amazon credit into my PayPal account instead. 


I shortened the stock straight cable to 4 foot and put a Rean (Neutrik) 3.5mm jack at the end that connects to the headphones. You can still use the 1/4th adapter on the stock 3.5mm connector. I got these in the mail on January 17th (3 days before posting this to the classifieds). They have about a half hour of listening time on them, I did that only to test how they sound.


I cut a hole in the stock padding and installed some Dynamat on the inside of the cup, and it increased the bass, the mids aren't as recessed and the treble is a little brighter. This is due to the padding not sucking up all the higher frequencies, and it sounds great!


I would say the sound graph of these would sound closer to: ^^-^----^ rather than the stock: ^--------


I have included a picture of the Padding mod I mentioned. 


I will ship these out CONUS for $139, and I will have to charge extra for shipping for international buyers. No Paypal fees.