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Basically it's pretty much like a stripped down version of this kit here

DB9 serial port = gone

3 LAN ports = gone

12V DC input = to be replaced with 5V USB charging for internal battery

AMD G series T40N = to be replaced with ARM-based SoC from RockChip / Allwinner / Mediatek etc.

Mini PCI-e slots = one for Wi-Fi and the other one could be optional

The software part should be already taken care of

1TB Samsung MZ-MTE1T0BW (mSATA SSD) should be coming soon for just a bit more than 600 bucks

Review of this 3.3V/1.6A SSD

We've been talking about a tiny little music server to match Chord Hugo lately

So all we need should be someone who's interested in making a little board capable of running MuBox.

And how much are we willing to pay for everything? It doesn't have to be > $600 for 1TB right away, something smaller like 480GB from Crucial could cost less than $300.

Where do we start now? Thanks.