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For Sale or Trade: Sil3nce's Headphone Purge

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale or Trade:
Sil3nce's Headphone Purge

Will Ship To: Anywhere


I'm back with some great deals for those interested in picking up some new toys.

I've decided I needed the money elsewhere in life, so here's Wave 1 of my stuff.

As always, I take meticulous care of my products, and I'll do my best to describe them to you.

Feel free to ask questions. But I do not reserve anything. This is only fair to the amount of people who are also interested.

I only ship CONUS, unless you can somehow convince me otherwise. Saves me the hassle of customs and shipping fees.

Like all of my classifieds, I will be offering a deal. 

If you buy more than two items, I will give you a discount. % will be discussed via PM.

Happy listening and Cheers!



Sony MDR SA5000:

Recently acquired. I have no wish to sell them. But if someone wants them, I need the funds. 

The headphone is perfect condition, I've examined the housing. Cable is re-terminated to Canare Star Quad with a Neutrik plug. 

Only problem is the pads have some slight wear to them, a few scuffs.



Sony Magnesium Stand:

Self-explanatory. If interested shoot me a PM.


RSA Predator:

One of the most neutral and transparent portable amp/dac combos in my opinion. They've served me quite well and I've only used them at home.

10/10 condition, comes with a transferable lifetime warranty. What more can you ask? Pairs well with IEMs like the K3003, IE800, etc. 

Unique serial number.

290 and they're yours.


Koss ProDj100:

Brilliant closed can. I bought it brand new recently. No cosmetic problems, only like 2 weeks old. 

Definitely a great bang for the buck headphone. Mids are some of the most realistic I've heard for a closed can. Low-end extends deep, with no mid-bass hump. I would keep them, except everything has to go.

Asking 30 for a mint pair.


JBL Flip:

Here's a little portable speaker, that is pretty good. Did everything I needed it to do. I've had them stowed away for the past couple weeks. Only about a month old. Perfect condition. Comes with the box, carrying case, and charger.

I bought them for retail, you can have them for 45


Ortofon EQ-5:

My favorite IEMs by far. They continually impress me everyday. And I've heard my share of high-end universals/CIIEMs. 

Only listed here to see if anyone would be interested. Not going to list a price, because I'll probably give it away to someone -.-




Sennheiser IE800: 

These are in immaculate condition. For an universal IEM this expensive, I'm pretty finicky about making sure there's not a single scratch on the ceramic housing. Comes with all original accessories and the box. 

I'm pretty sure my price is the lowest ever for a pair of IE800s. 

As for the IEMs themselves. They are easily one of the most comfortable I've ever worn. They just disappear in your ears, no pressure at all.

Sound is open, well balanced, with no exaggeration of a single frequency. Definitely impressive considering their size.

Only asking 570



Klipsch S4-2:

This is the S4 with the flat tangle-free cable. Doesn't come with box. Mint condition. Got it as a gift last week. Comes with unused tips.





JVC in-ears in perfect condition. I've installed some black comply foam tips on them (removable of course).

I liked them, pretty good. 10



Beyerdynamic T90:

These are in 9/10 condition when I obtained them. My favorite Beyer by far, outside the T1. They work amazingly well with most systems, and scale extremely well. Clarity is phenomenal. Imaging and positioning is on point. Great for gaming. I never understood why people had treble complaints. Compared to the HD700, the treble feels airier and ligther. Definitely one step up over offerings like the HD650 and K701. 300




Thanks for looking. Sil3nce out~

Edited by Sil3nce - 1/22/14 at 4:56pm
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Lots of pictures by the way. I didn't display all of them. But you get the general idea.

Pm me if you want more for a specific item.

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Really good price on the SA5000. Does it come with the stand and box?
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I need to reply to about 30 private messages. I apologize in advance if I don't have thorough replies for all of you.

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Make that 31 PMs :). You can do it buddy.

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Wow Im guessing you had amazing prices for everything to be sold already!

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Not holding my breath but just in case the SA5000 sale falls through, I'm interested :)

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Updated: All the bottom items are permanently sold and shipped off.

Waiting on someone who wanted everything that doesn't have "sold" on it.

If he declines, I'll go back to my messages and offer them up for sale again to whoever first responded.

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Hi, Do you still have sa5k for sell?

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