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Help! Damaged Driver?????

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Hi Guys


I had a search on your forums but couldn't find what I was looking so I joined up to make this thread.


I have re cabled a pair of Audio technica ATH-AD700x headphones. All worked fine for a day then the left channel started cutting in and out, now its gone.


There seems to be a intermittent short between the left channel and ground. I cant find it. I just wanted to check that I haven't damaged the driver. When the driver is completely de soldered from everything I get about ~35 ohms. I assume that means the driver is fine?


As soon as I solder it up to the wire I get 0.000 ohms (i.e. short?). So I assume the short is in the wire somewhere?


This is the left speaker with original wiring



This is the finish product. Pitty I had to take it apart again soon after


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Well I'll answer my own question


The speaker was fine. The fault was a internal split half way along the cable somewhere. Never had that issue on brand new cable before. Jaycar replaced it and all is now well

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