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For Sale:
DIY tube amplifer SSMH SOHA II inspired

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have been working on this project for over two years now. It started as a SSMH with a 48 V linear PSU. I then added a voltage multiplier like the one in the SOHA II to create a 160 V rail for the tubes. The output stage runs at 25 V. Both rails are regulated using linear regulators.


I have rebuilt this amplifier many times, learning a lot in the process. Sadly even its latest iteration is unsatisfying as a final product. It sounds great, but the noise floor is too high. This noise is independent of volume, so it gets drowned as you raise the volume, but it still can be heard in quiet passages. For this reason, I am selling the amplifier as an unfinished project. I would go as far as saying I am selling it for parts only.


After two years, it is time I move on to other projects. If I don't sell the damned thing, I'll spend my life trying to make it work perfectly. :wink_face:


I've stopped counting the money invested in this project at 400$. It is mainly made of boutique parts and recycled material. The tubes are matched RFT 12AU7 paid 54.90 CAD for the pair. Capacitors are ELNA SILMIC II, Mundorf M-Cap, Nichicon KZ, ES and KG. Enclosure is Hammond 1455T2201. The transformer was salvaged from a vintage stereo and is made in Japan. The pot is a genuine Alps RK27. Knob is machined aluminum. 


You can see the evolution of this project here:


The item is located in Montreal, Canada. I can deliver in person within the city. Otherwise you pay for shipping and paypal fees.