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What are your recommendations for my budget?

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Hi everyone,


Ive posted here and there under various threads, and I have improved my knowledge, but still unsure really. I have two opportunities coming up to demo a range of headphones and amps.

I would like some advice before I go crashing head first into salesmen who loves my wallet :)


Please note, I am in the UK - London, so tubes like Woo Audio is quite hard for me to get hold of (if anybody knew of a UK stockist, ill be there in a heartbeat).


My Budget : Ive increased this to £2000


My current headphones : Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 ohm.


My Source : Currently a PS4, however I may buy a dedicated Bluray player.

All my music is from the PC or Android phone. I have a soundcard in my PC - Sound Blaster X-FI Titanium, its like i dunno 4 years old or something around that.


Usage : Films, as high as 90% of my current headphone usage is watching Blurays. I do want to stick to this, movies is the highest priority.

I normally keep music listening to commutes, however with a high-end set-up, my music listening and habbits will change and also my genre tastes may adapt.

I am under the impression SS amps are better for films?


In terms of film genre, I watch a lot of Scifi. I love both Scifi Horror and Scifi action.

Im also into action, films like Bourne etc and I love martial arts films, ipman, ongbak, killzone etc

Im a huge fan of Scifi/cyberpunk anime, this tends to be 80s/90s anime however.

I watch more action orientated films than say comedy/thriller/horror.


Music wise, its mainly into hardcore, hardcore punk, technical punk and forms of aggressive ska/reggae. When I say hardcore punk, I wouldn't consider it as metal, although I do like Tool (I guess that's considered metal?).  When it comes to music this is where I put most listening into.


Other genres I listen to, is chiptunes, oh boy I love chiptunes. Artists Like Random,  

Hip-hop sort of stuff for example, Beastie boys, J5, Deltron,

Other things I like, is artists like Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Simply Red :D My tastes are a bit of a mixed bag :)


I want to get into Jazz (quite a broad genre there, I need to start experimenting, I love piano and Sax)

I will link some things I listen to at the end of this post. It is youtube so quality issues, but its mainly to give better ideas on artists I listen to most. Please note, it can get heavy.


What I have picked up on from reading.

Headphones : HD800, T1, 


Amps : Lehmann, Burson, Flagships own amps such as HDV600/800. Beyer A1. Headzone.

Are there any good UK tube amp specialists?


I will need a Dac.


I am hoping for 2k gbp (give or take a small margin, I could find sonic bliss).


I really hope I can get some help and advice before my visits.



Example of music that I tend to listen, this is more to show the artist, rather than specific track;

My fave artists;

Beng Beng Cocktail;


JB Conspiracy


Flaming Tsunamis:


Chiptune: Random 



Other stuff I listen too;

H20/SOIA Collab


H/C-Hiphop : E.Town Concrete


Techy Punk: Wilhelm scream


Heavier punk: Ghost inside


Perhaps Metal : Warning Swears included - Attila


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Hmmm. Would probs recommend the t1 as it is a good all rounder and good for aggressive music styles.
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Many thanks for the helpful reply.


Which amp + dac would you pair it to? The T1s are about 800/900 gbp, So I will have 1,100 gbp for this.



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Would also recommend looking out for used Hifiman headphones, as there'll probably be good prices because of the new models coming soon. For something cheaper than the t1 and amp/DAC I'd recommend he4 and a speaker amplifier. Has a slightly aggressive tone with very good bass.
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