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For Sale: Audeze LCD-3

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For Sale:
Audeze LCD-3

Will Ship To: CONUS

About 2 years ago, I'm 2nd owner. Headphones where very well taken care of, I would say about 8/10, leather is in very good condition with no major wear. They where sent to Audeze last month to get the drivers replaced, the drivers are the latest version and they sound great! 


Headphone will ship in travel case, does not come with stock cable, will come with a 6ft single-ended cable from "Double Helix Cables". Only thing to note is some slight greenish oxidation on the top part of the cable. this is normal and doesn't affect sound or anything. the cable should have a 5 year warranty on it as well if anything happens.


Looking for $OLD shipped. I accept paypal for payment and use UPS Ground to ship.



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PM sent

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still for sale.

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Wow! getting rid of cans!! going for LCD-X? :veryevil:


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not sure yet but probably.


Pending Sale.

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LCD-X ordered?
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nah, not yet, enjoying my HE-6 right now.

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Any thoughts on LCD-3 vs. LCD-X? Trying to decide where to jump into the Audeze pool. Thanks!

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if you like the lcd-2 for its slam and attack, go for the X. if you love the smooth dark sound and body, go for the 3. 

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I'll sell you my -X! :)

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ive been looking at it, i'll think about it. for now i think i will enjoy HE-6 though.


i am interested in seeing if the LCD-X can cover everything just as good as the HE-6 though. wanting to just be down to one headphone or two.

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Would you therefore split the LCD-3 vs. LCD-X across different musical genres? 

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i would never own more than one audeze lol

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