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I wasn't trying to sound snobbish at all. I buy used stuff all the time. A lot of the time you can get great deals that way. I feel if you can buy a better product used at the same price of a new lesser product then why not. :D

I personally agree with you. I can imagine plenty of reasons to buy budget stuff tho. You can order it right away instead of waiting for a deal, you can be a little more care free when using it. There is a warranty etc. I buy superlux mic's for instance for recording outside, putting em in condoms and in the water etc :D


But really, behringer aint that bad. There's plenty of decent stuff from them. I recently heard a shoutout between a 1000$ neumann and a 100$ Behringer. The neumann was undeniably silkier, but by the margin the lcd 3 is better than the lcd 2 give or take. Lately the gap between budget and entry level is becoming smaller with china picking up on increased QA etc.


I came across this on gearslutz years back: 


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