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I'm having a a problem with my audio setup. I've used to connect my external speakers (stereo setup consisting of two speakers) to a USB DAC which was connected to the onboard soundcard (Realtek) of my computer.


When I played video files where the sound was encoded for 5.1 speakers, the voices were too low and other effects were way too loud. The Realtek card had a feature called "loudness equalization" which took care of this problem.


Now I'm using a Creative X-Fi Xtreme Music instead of the onboard Realtek, which doesn't have this feature in the drivers.

The question is now, how do I normalize the sound with the X-Fi? I want to use Media Player Home Cinema as a player, but the normalize feature there seems to have no effect. Is there something I can do normalize sound on the hardware end?


Thanks for your time and help