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For Sale:
Grado RS2 (Classic with buttons)

Will Ship To: UK/EU

I've got the upgrade bug again and need funds, so I'm putting my classic RS2 up for sale.


They sound fantastic, offering a smoother, more refined presentation and better bass response compared with the other Grado models I've owned (225i/325is/MS1i)  I found that comfort is also improved, as these are the lightest Grados I've ever worn and the cups seem to 'sit' better on my ears than the Prestige-line models.


Condition is very good all-round, as can be seen in the pictures. if you look very closely, there are some tiny dings to the wooden cups, but nothing significant. The lettering on the headband blocks is perfect, and the cable is free from the nasty twisting that often affects Grados. They've also never been exposed to smoke. They come with the original box and Grado paperwork.


The pads are official Grado L-cushions and are my 'spare set', which have only seen very light use (pretty much only for doing A-B comparisons with other Grados I've owned!)


Also included is a pair of mint condition TTVJ flat pads. These pads are a nice alternative to the L-cushions; they increase bass presence a fair bit, while also taming the high-end.


The headphones will be securely packaged, with lots of padding and a strong outer shipping box.





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