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For Sale:
KingRex T20U T-amp w/ built-in DAC

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm moving from a desk-based system to a room requiring something that hits a bit heavier, so I'm selling my desktop gear to fund the purchase of some larger speakers.


If you're unfamiliar with the amp, KingRex has been offering excellent hifi components for the budget conscious and space-challenged listener, with a particular focus on the computer crowd. This sleek T20U amp is a perfect companion to your laptop or desktop, and requires only one USB port in exchange for mind-bending audio nirvana. The built in DAC is highly regarded for its ability to strip away any digital gremlins hiding in your music or movies and pump out as much clean, effortless and enveloping audio as you could need. It'll give you about 18W per channel of quite non-digital-sounding audio. The DAC makes it a great amp for a computer-based system, but it'll take a regular RCA cable for an input from whatever other sources you may have. In the three years I've been enjoying this amp it's seen some 400-500 hours of use with a wide variety of source material, so it comes well prepared for whatever you can throw at them.


Price does NOT include shipping, that'll be based on USPS rates to wherever you live. Amp comes in its original box with power and USB cables. I think the photos show it well, but just to say it: this is in a very good condition. There's a few marks on the the amp, mostly on the bottom from a set of isolation cones. But nothing is deeply scratched or mangled and it performs exactly as it should, that is to say very well!