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For Sale:
Hoomia Bon 2.10 (a.k.a. Final Audio Design FI-DC1350 M1 ODM/OEM Version) [SOLD]

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Well, I should've known I'd react this way, but oh well. I bought these on clearance, thinking I'd have fun with the FAD sound signature that I appreciate quite a bit, but these really are just too colored for me to use. I could just keep them and allow them to collect dust, but that'd be a waste, so I'm hoping someone else who actually appreciates the FAD Piano Forte sound can snatch these up (at a great price, too).



Hoomia is a relatively unknown Taiwanese brand; several years ago, they cooperated with FAD for a number of projects, culminating in several products in the (now discontinued) Bon line that have a distinctive "Final Audio" sound signature. For example, the Bon 2.5 is very similar to the Piano Forte II in terms of design and sound, but it is the Hoomia Bon 2.10 that is basically identical to the FI-DC1350M1/M2, with little to no changes to the sound. The Bon 2.10 are now discontinued (as are the FAD 1350 M1/M2), but they used to retail for ~$50 USD (1499 NTD). The version I bought is the red version, which looks even more similar to the 1350 M1/M2 than the green version.



These have a very mid-focused sound signature, as is expected with something that has the lineage of the Piano Forte line from FAD. The star-shaped tips are effectively band-pass filters that emphasize the mids and slope off the bass, as well as the upper treble. I do not recommend using any other type of tips, as normal tips basically ruin the sound.


Outward Differences between the Bon 2.10 and the 1350M1/M2:

  • Shiny chrome shell finish, as opposed to matte black and dark chrome
  • Typical PVC cable sheathing, as opposed to cloth-covered sheathing
  • 3.5mm plug is right-angled and similar in shape to the older Heaven series of IEMs, as opposed to straight


Usage Time: 1 Hour


Included Accessories:

  • Felt Soft Pouch
  • (2x) Normal Silicone Tips (S, M)
  • (3x) Star-Shaped Tips (S, M, L)



Price includes registered international shipping, but does not include PayPal fees.