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This is my first post on Head-Fi.  I have been reading this forum for several months and made the decision over the summer to invest in some Monster Turbine Pro Coppers.  I had tried a few different IEM at the time. I originally purchased B&W c5's.  I to had return them  because they hurt my ears so much.  Which was a bummer because I have B&W loudspeakers.  I really like the voice of B&W.  I then purchased the UE 900 but returned because of the big price tag and questionable reliability.  But I did like their sound/voice.  I then bought Turbine Pro Gold.  I thought those were the top of the lines.  They sounded good but way too much bass for me.  At low volumes they were just bass.  Frustrated I returned those.  At that time Radio Shack had a sale on the turbine Coppers for $239.  I purchased them and after the break in I found them to be a great IEM.  


Last week my lab puppy found my IEM's and chewed them up.  I called Monster to see if they were covered by the warranty and they are.  They offered to replace the IEM's, but the turbine line had been discontinued and replacements won't be out until August.  They said they would refund my money if I desired, so I am going to take them up on their offer.  Since then I purchased an open box set of Miles Davis Trumpets.  I was really impressed as to how good they sounded after playing them for a little while.  I took them back after I found found out open box items are not covered under the awesome Monster warranty so I took them back.


So I am back to square one.  I am looking for recommendations.  I am not sure of my budget.  I would like to keep it under $250, but if I find something for $300 that is not going to stop me.


 A few of the brands and models I am looking at are:


RHA M750  These seem to get good reviews although the reviews are limited in numbers.  Plus they are available at the apple store which offers a 15 day return policy.  Lastly they are pretty inexpensive at $119.  


Nocs NS800 Again available at apple store but limited reviews.  The ones I have read are positive.


DUNU DN 1000 I have never seen or heard of these except for this forum.  They get rave reviews and the price point is also good.  They resemble the Monsters as well.


Brainwaves R3 They look to be great IEM and they are priced right.  They get consistent good reviews as well


Sure 315 available locally but have a no return policy.  Again mainstream IEM known for being a premium IEM.


I do not see Westone or Etymotic locally but I have heard good things about them.  I wish I could demo these but most of the high end audio places have gone under in my area.  The ones that do exist only carry Monster.


I could also buy the Miles Davis Trumpets new for about $230.  I have a feeling the others in my list are better for the money.


I am looking for comparison on comfort and best bang for the buck.  Anyone been comparing these same IEM's?  What did you choose?


Did I miss any?