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I agree. Something is not making sense here. :-)
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I have not gone back to the set up with out the DAC, but when I get the time I will. I thought too I was looking for something that wasn't there so last night I tried the DT's again. At first they sounded fine then I went to Foobar  and played some stuff and discovered that I have a vibration or warble sound in the bass area with the DT's. I switched to the M50's and all is fine. I'm probably not describing what I'm hearing very well but I can tell you that it's not clear crisp music. I went back to Spotify with both sets of cans and discovered that on some songs the DT's were fine and on others it was not. As I'm writing this I went back to listen again to the DT's and they sound fine, just different. It seems that if I turn up the volume while I'm listening to the Rolling Stones, Emotional Rescue I loose the crispness that I have at lower volumes. I turned down the volume (to a much more enjoyable level) listening to Wild Horses and they sounded great. However near the end of the song around the 5 min mark I heard it again. I tired a pair of Q701's to see if it's the same, it's not; the 701's went through that area just fine. It is in the recording though. It's just the DT's either show a flaw in the recording or don't handle that freq. very well. 


Thanks all for the info and help.


I have a new pair of HE400's coming soon, I'll see if I can hear the same thing with those. I might be getting caught up in the technology and getting away from what cans do, listening to music in a different light.



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Like I said, this has happened to me. I even had others listen. They could not hear my perceived problem. I thought they just could not hear as well as I could. I had to listen carefully before the problem became apparently obvious to me. Then some time in the future, I listened to the same music. I thought the music sounded great. So I thought I must had been going crazy. :-)

Bob Graham

PS: How do you underline words or make them bold?
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In my reply window there are 2 lines at the top of the window that allow you to mod your text. I'm using explorer to access Head-Fi.



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This is what I discovered. Over the weekend I was experiencing some issues with my wireless mouse on my HP tower. When I moved the cable slightly away from the JDS ODAC the mouse worked better.  This was a pain as I use the phones when I'm on the net. I then got out the wired mouse and connected it to a usb port on the back of the tower (ODAC cable is connected in the front), the mouse worked great. I then discovered the (maybe imagined issue) I had with the DT990 phones disappeared. I know this sounds nutty, but all I can say is that now the DT990's sound as they did when I first listened to them; prior to the ODAC. Clear, smooth up and down the spectrum with just enough bass. They now moved back to the top of the list as phones I use.  I know this all sounds goofy, but this is where I'm at.



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Was there any tequila involved in all this switching around? tongue.gif
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It was you peeking in my window, YES, there was some tequila involved; Patron Silver to be exact. On Sunday just prior to the SuperBowl I switched to Makers Mark and the Phones sounded the same. I'm golden now; later this week I'll try some Belvedere Vodka. If it works I've got all my favs covered.



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only problem is when you wake up you won't remember which phones you liked best :) oh well, just have to try all over again next weekend!

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