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Over ears + desktop USB amp/dac under $500 ?

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Hi all, first post here.

Figured to give it a try and ask experts on the opinion...


I spend several hours a day with my headphones on. The problem is, they're old, worn out, cheap and sucked when they were new, so I decided not to spare on something like that (it's subjective term, but $500 for me is much).


I've read/watched numerous reviews of both the headphones and amp/dacs, only to get even more confused.

I don't even know yet should I go with open or closed type headphones. Maybe closed, if I decide to use them with mic while gaming or in case I mustn't bother someone.


So what would your opinions be for headphones that are:

- closed

- over ear

- extremely comfortable for long runs / don't get too hot or sweaty during summer

- produce best sound for the money (obviously :p )

- are meant to be used with a USB amp/dac, because my onboard sound card sucks too.


Which brings us to the second problem - which USB amp/dac ?


I'd appreciate a physical "old school" knob for volume control and that it can produce excellent sound + drive suggested headphones flawlessly.

If possible, it'd be good if it can be shipped worldwide, since I'm in Europe.


Now, I've gotten some advices and they are...


For headphones:

- Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (on discount in a local shop - $226)

- Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro (also on discount - $230. I know they're open, but if they're unbelievably good then maybe I'd buy them anyways, use them for music and movies and keep my crappy ones for gaming)

- AKG K551 (a bit over price - $295 in a local shop)

AKG K-240 MkII (on discount in a local shop - $176)


For USB amp/dac:

- Fiio E17

- This. (doesn't have a name :D, but they say it has highest quality and latest components inside)

- Nuforce uDAC-3

- Topping D3 - looks the best to me, but I'm a newbie...


My genres: everything except rave/techno. If I must, I'd say I slightly prefer rock/pop/metal.


That's all the info I got. I never had any high quality headphones (or any other sound component for that matter), so please bear with me :smile:


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For desktop DAC/Amp consider the Schiit Modi/Magni or Modi/Vali stacks.  They are very popular.

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Another Option is the O2/Odac which is a little above the price of modi/magni

or the NuForce Icon DAC for $300


The Nuforce has the most inputs, analog out and combines the two components in one enclosure.

The other two are slightly cheaper and made in america.

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Thanks for the responses.

And what about this, compared to other amp/dacs that you suggested here: Maverick TubeMagic D1 Plus ?

Costs $240 shipped and looks more "serious" than these little amp/dacs...

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