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For Trade: FT: Grado SR325i (EU preferred)

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For Trade:
FT: Grado SR325i (EU preferred)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

So I have an extra pair of Grado SR325i that I would be willing to trade. They are in perfect working condition, almost perfect cosmetic condition if not for the fading lettering on the golden metal cups. They come with their original box and a pair of flat pads. They have around 300 hours on them, and they sound fantastic.


I'm interested in pretty much anything audio related, including musical instruments of all kinds. Don't hesitate to PM me with an offer, I'll consider all of em.


I can take pictures for the right deal. I am from France, would like to keep this within Europe (less complicated), but I am willing to ship them internationally for the right trade, so don't hesitate to PM me or post in this thread to discuss it.


I am not really interested in selling them outright, I would prefer a trade with another enthusiast. If after awhile there are no takers, I might reconsider selling them.


Things I am especially interested in: Sony MDR-SA5000, Sennheiser HD650, A-T M50/W1000X, HiFiMan headphones, Hi-end Grado headphones, AKG Q701, portable amps/dacs, IEMs, 6SN7 tubes, Headphile C Pads (for my other pair of SR325is), power amps for speakers, tube preamps/headphone amps, bass guitars, bass amps...


Will consider anything else though, +/- $$$ for the right deal. Paypal/bank transfer.

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A little more description:


 First off, I can link you to my perfect (100% positive with 115 sales/buys) Ebay feedback, if you're put off by my limited Head-Fi feedback.


Secondly, the reason I am selling these is because I have another pair of SR325i (gold like these) which broke down years ago that I finally got around to dismantling only to find out that it was a cable problem, so I am in the process of recabling my old pair, and thus selling these ones (which btw I bought right here on Head-Fi a few years ago, see my feedback).


This pair I am selling is in absolutely prestine condition save for the fading lettings on the cups. Otherwise, the headband is like new, there are no scuffs anywhere, not so much as a scratch on them. The cable is in absolutely perfect condition, no coiling whatsoever. They have never been dismantled since they've always worked perfectly. They are THOROUGHLY broken-in, which for SR325is is a big plus, as their sound gets considerably less strident and smoother as time passes.


They have never been taken outside, in fact they have never even left this room. They've always rested safely on my headphone stand. I've had to change pads once as the bowls they came with got used over the years, and I can ship these out with either S-cush pads (variant that fit the SR325i) or TTVJ flat pads. I recommend the flats for sound quality, the S-cush for comfort.


The box is the previous style boxes Grado used to have and is also in perfect condition. I have the original receipt from Audiocenter in Florida dated 2007.

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